Go Jak Rolling car Jack 1,250 lbs pack 1

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    Single GoJak® Car Dolly raises a corner of your vehicle, without even touching the frame or undercarriage Innovative heavy-duty "car dolly" requires no floor jack for operation. Simply slip the dolly around the tire, and pump the lifting lever to gently "squeeze" the tire between the dolly's two rollers, lifting the wheel off the ground.
    • 1,250-lb. capacity
    • For wheels up to 9" wide, 32" tall
    • Heavy-duty, double-ball raceway casters for easy rolling in any direction

    About Go Jak Rolling car Jack 1,250 lbs pack 1

    Four 4"-dia., heavy-duty doubleball raceway casters for easier rolling.

    Operates on the principle of a quick-action, bi-directional, double-pawl ratchet. The rollers touch only the tire; no contact with the vehicle’s frame or undercarriage is necessary. The low center of gravity after lifting helps make GoJak® safe and stable in use. Its purely mechanical design eliminates the need for electric power, compressed air or slow, leaky hydraulics.


    1 GoJak® Dolly


    43184 4-Pc. GoJak® Car Dolly Set

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