Eastwood Rust Dissolver Quart

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    Eastwood Rust Dissolver removes rust without metal-eating acid Our acid-free Rust Dissolver removes only the rust, and won't eat-away at the metal itself. Leaves the newly de-rusted metal ready to paint, plate or powder-coat.
    • Acid-free
    • Gentle enough for engine parts
    • Reusable
    • 1-quart bottle de-rusts about 5 sq. ft.

    About Eastwood Rust Dissolver Quart

    This acid-free, rust-eating, formula works as long as the metal surface remains wet. Won't harm steel, copper, brass, aluminum, solder, lead, plastic, rubber, seals, wood or vinyl, nor will it remove sound paint or chrome. Suitable for engine parts.

    De-rust small parts by submerging them in a plastic container filled with Rust Dissolver. Larger parts can be placed in the discharge stream of a small plastic pump; irrigation hose can be used to assure complete coverage.

    Removes bluing and other oxide coatings. One quart de-rusts about 5 square feet.


    1-quart bottle of Liquid Rust Dissolver


    16038 Liquid Rust Dissolver, Gallon
    16039 Liquid Rust Dissolver, 5 Gallons

    MSDS Sheet

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    Very Good (Posted on 8/15/2012)
    Review by KA
    Worked realy well i would use it again
    Good safe rust remover (Posted on 7/29/2012)
    Review by 50sBikeRestoride
    As long you are patient ,this rust dissolver works .I used in a plastic tube to coat parts with a brush .Keeping the surface wet was the key .The next day ,I reapplyed .Using a copper scrub pad and water wash ,got most the surface rust off ! Let dry, sanded, cleaned then sprayed with primer. Now I'm ready for paint .
    A MUST HAVE for restoration work (Posted on 12/14/2009)
    Review by TomMackieRacing.Com
    If you are restoring or reusing parts, and you're tired of spending hours trying to clean parts to make them good enough to paint, You REALLY need this stuff. No more ripping the skin of your fingers with a wire brush. Soak the parts in rust disolver, and rinse off when the rust is gone. It's that simple.
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    3 Item(s)

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