Pro Stinger Stud Welder kit with 9-finger claw puller

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    Stinger-Plus 5500 of the finest Stud Welders used across the industry Collision shops use pro-grade stud welder kits like this every day for repair of body dents or dings without drilling. Just weld the stud onto the dented panel, pull the dent out, then snip or grind the stud off.
    • Stinger-Plus 5500 Stud Welder was tested on 2 million welds
    • Stud-Ease technology for easy 1-handed operation
    • Includes Deluxe Slide Hammer, 9-Claw Wire Puller, Mini-Puller, and more

    About Pro Stinger Stud Welder kit with 9-finger claw puller

    Eastwood's exclusive Stinger-Plus Stud Welder Kit includes a Stud Welder that features fraction-of-a-second "power on" to do the job with minimal heat spread. Made in Canada.


    Kit includes: Stinger-Plus Stud Welder, deluxe slide hammer, exclusive 9-claw wire puller, mini-puller, stud welding tip, molding rivet welding tip, eliminator welding tip, 50 body side molding rivets, welding wire, instructions, case. 2-year mfr's. warranty.


    (Q) Do I need a 220-volt system to operate this?
    (A) No, it runs on standard 110v.

    (Q) Do I need a welding mask?
    (A) It's not necessary, but do not look directly into the momentary flash.

    (Q) How do I get the pins off after they are welded on to the surface?
    (A) After you have made your pulls, simply snip or grind the pins off.


    Always wear eye protection, as well as gloves and long sleeves, when using this product. Typically there are no sparks emitted when welding, but as a precaution, make sure there are no flammables in the immediate area.

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