Hot Coat Pro ST496T Three-Phase Oven

    Item #11814

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    96-cu.-ft. Powder-Coating Oven produces consistent temperature throughout for your largest powder-coating pieces
    • 4' W x 4' D x 6' H interior space (96 cu. ft.)
    • Expandable as your needs grow
    • Maximum temperature: 450 degrees F
    • Aluminum and steel construction
    • UL-listed electronic controls
    • Leasing terms available

    About Hot Coat Pro ST496T Three-Phase Oven

    Powder-coating curing oven has a 4' W x 4' D x 6' H interior space. Outside dimensions 4.9' W x 4.6' D x 7.9' H.

    Includes double doors, steel floor, and a digital timer. 4-blade, 24"-dia. fan assures even heat distribution and rapid heat-up. Reaches 400 degrees F from cold in less than 30 minutes.

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