1-Shot Deluxe Color Kit

    Item #12390Z Brand: 1 Shot

    Not for use on children's toys.


    Create your own custom striping and graphics with our 18-color, 1-Shot Paint Set 1-Shot Paints have been the favorites of sign painters and professional pinstripers for over 50 years!
    • Touch up your vehicle with custom graphics and stripes
    • High-performance enamels
    • Kit includes 18 popular colors (see "Contents" tab)
    • 8-oz. cans

    About 1-Shot Deluxe Color Kit

    One Shot Deluxe Color Kit - Here's an assortment of 18 One Shot colors that are sure to suit most striping and graphic needs at a savings over individual pricing. Includes one each of the following 1/2 pint 1-Shot Paints: (37118Z) White, (37117Z) Fire Red, (37093Z) Maroon, (37088Z) Metallic Gold, (37092Z) Medium Brown, (37148Z) Chamois, (37086Z) Orange, (37083Z) Primrose Yellow, (37116Z) Emerald Green, (37115Z) Medium Green, (37110Z) Light Blue, (37109Z) Process Blue, (37107Z) Reflex Blue, (37103Z) Purple, (37102Z) Magenta, (37097Z) Metallic Silver, (37098Z) Medium Gray, and (37099Z) Black.


    37118Z White
    37117Z Fire Red
    37093Z Maroon
    37088Z Metallic Gold
    37092Z Medium Brown
    37148Z Chamois
    37086Z Orange
    37083Z Primrose Yellow
    37116Z Emerald Green
    37115Z Medium Green
    37110Z Light Blue
    37109Z Process Blue
    37107Z Reflex Blue
    37103Z Purple
    37102Z Magenta
    37097Z Metallic Silver
    37098Z Medium Gray
    37099Z Black

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