Eastwood 7 Inch Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

    Item #13510 Brand: Eastwood

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    7" Straight-Jaw Locking Pliers provides maximum contact on flat, square or hex work Use our straight-jaw locking pliers for tightening, clamping, twisting and turning with straight jaws that keep you in maximum contact with your fasteners.
    • Works best on flat, square or hex surfaces
    • Chrome-molybdenum steel body, chrome-vanadium steel jaws
    • 0" to 1-1/8" jaw capacity
    • 7" long overall

    About Eastwood 7 Inch Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

    Eastwood's locking pliers adjusts with the turn screw to produce just the right amount of gripping force; holds that adjustment for repetitive tasks. Trigger releases grip when done. Heavy-duty chrome-molybdenum steel body and chrome-vanadium steel jaws give this straight-jaw locking pliers strength and durability; nickel-plated to resist corrosion. Tight tolerances ensure pliers clamps reliably and holds its adjustment.


    Wear appropriate eye protection.


    Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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