Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action Air Sander

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    Eastwood's 6" Pneumatic Dual-Action Sander produces swirl-free finishes while you use less "elbow grease"! Just push the lever down and let the random dual sanding action of this Eastwood-engineered Air Sander do its "thing": feather edging, metal preparation, and finish work on body filler. Produces a smooth, no-pattern finish, with less manual labor on your part.
    • 10,000 rpm
    • Adjustable speed control
    • Takes 6" discs with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings
    • Requires just 2.8 cfm at 90 psi so you can use your home compressor

    About Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action Air Sander

    Adjustable speed control lets you match the speed to your application. Balanced ball-bearing construction for durability. 1/4” FNPT.

    We tested this 6" air sander against the best, and its performance compared positively to a leading national brand, just like you'd expect from Eastwood. Final product imported.


    Pneumatic Dual-Action 6" Sander
    6" PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) Backing Pad
    1 Flat Wrench


    All are 6"-dia. aluminum oxide sanding discs. Get the specific grits you need, in the backing you need, and the multi-pack size you want.

    Paper-Backed, 5-Pack
    12141 P80-grit
    12152 P180-grit
    12151 P320-grit
    12149 P400-grit
    12148 P600-grit
    50893 P1500-grit
    50894 P2000-grit

    Paper-Backed, 25-Pack
    19626 P80-grit
    19620 P120-grit
    19621 P180-grit
    19622 P220-grit
    19623 P320-grit
    19624 P400-grit
    19625 P600-grit

    Paper-Backed, 50-Pack
    14063 P40-grit

    Paper-Backed, 100-Pack
    19619 P80-grit
    19616 P120-grit
    31359 P180-grit
    31360 P220-grit
    31361 P320-grit
    19617 P400-grit
    19618 P600-grit

    Film-Backed, 100-Pack
    50884 P80-grit
    50885 P120-grit
    50886 P180-grit
    50887 P240-grit
    50888 P320-grit
    50889 P400-grit
    50890 P600-grit

    Film-Backed, 500-Pack
    50883 P40-grit


    Do not exceed 90 psi (6.3 bar) of tool inlet air pressure. Do not force tool or exert side forces on pad while polishing. Wear approved eye gear at all times when operating this tool. Wear appropriate respiratory protection. Keep loose clothing, jewelry and long hair away from rotating components. Always disconnect tool from air supply when changing discs. ONLY use 6" PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) sanding discs and backing pads rated for a minimum of 10,000-RPM use.


    One year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

    Final product imported.


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    Dual Action Sander (Posted on 11/18/2013)
    Review by Rick
    Great Sander for price, removes old rust and paint from the 68 Camaro that I'm restoring
    terrible (Posted on 6/30/2013)
    Review by John
    Mine would only work every once in a while. When I called to get my money back, I had to pay forth the shipping back. I had to ask them to reimburse me for the shipping. If not they would not have. Also their sandpaper just flew off the sander when it did ran. I bought sandpaper locally with no problems. Took10 days to get my money back after they received the items I sent back. Buyer beware!
    Works great (Posted on 6/29/2013)
    Review by Dogman
    After having a problem with the first sander the new sander is perfect. Eastwood went above and beyond during the return process and they have a loyal customer for life. There tech department is the best. Listen to them and you won't go wrong.
    What a Company!!! (Posted on 6/16/2013)
    Review by Randy
    After having a problem with the first unit the problems continued on my end and Eastwood stepped up and went above and beyond their responsibility. They made sure that I had a new unit in no time and also helped with another situation for which I will be forever grateful. I am definitely a customer for life. Thanks to everyone at Eastwood especially Deb. Now if the sander is half as good as their customer service it should last a lifetime.
    Very Unhappy (Posted on 6/4/2013)
    Review by Randy
    I bought this tool hoping to finish my car by mid-July and it didn't even last fifteen minutes. The air control opened and would not release. I unplugged the air line in hopes that it would work, but nothing helped. I'm returning it and I will probably go to Harbor Freight and buy their unit. If that breaks at least I can return it and get a replacement the same day.
    Good sander (Posted on 4/17/2013)
    Review by Rick
    I really like that it only draws 2.8CFM. I have two compressors tied together but they don't kick on as often with this one.
    The price is great, but I wish it had a hook & loop pad option. I got one cheap enough but just would have been nice.
    I'm very happy with ALL the items I've bought from Eastwood. :-)
    good (Posted on 5/15/2012)
    Review by hidenplanvew
    I bought this as my first DA sander. the sander works beautiful except the exhaust port blows right onto the panal your working on so it you oil it it does get onto the panal. MAke sure you have a large enuff compressor as this was making mine kick on alot. For the price tho you cant beat it, the PSA sanding disk sometimes have a hard time sticking to the disk. I had to clean mine with wax and grease remover and keep the RPMs lower to keep them from becoming a flying disk.
    Happy with the sander (Posted on 1/1/2012)
    Review by dans
    I was impressed that the sander comes with a new air male connector. It was easy to assemble and works great

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