Fairmount Welding/Chipping Hammer

    Item #70235 Brand: Fairmount Tools


    Welding/Chipping Hammer helps you easily remove slag from welds This Fairmount hammer has a pick head with a sharp point on one end, and a beveled chisel on the other. Coiled-spring handle absorbs shock as you work.
    • Pick head
    • Chisel end
    • Hanging hook

    About Fairmount Welding/Chipping Hammer

    Durable Welding/Chipping Hammer from Fairmount is designed with a coiled handle to absorb the shock of contact when cleaning arc welding slag. You can chip welding debris in either large or tight spaces due to the versatility of the chisel and pick heads. Imported.


    Fairmount Welding/Chipping Hammer


    Always wear appropriate eye protection. Only use tools and accessories for their intended purpose.


    Limited 60-day warranty against manufacturer defects.

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