Texture Coating Aerosol 16 oz

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    SEM Texture Coating replicates the original grainy leather appearance Duplicate the look and feel of various trim and plastic exterior parts with this convenient aerosol formulation.
    • Produces a satin black, textured finish that may be dyed
    • Vary the texture by altering spraying distance and thickness
    • 16-oz. aerosol is enough to cover 10 sq. ft.

    About Texture Coating Aerosol 16 oz

    SEM Texture Coating produces a satin black finish that accepts any of the SEM Vinyl Dye. Just sand to remove the sun-dried plastic, spray with SEM Plastic and Leather Prep (52056Z) for proper adhesion, apply this SEM Textured Coating, and finally topcoat with SEM Vinyl Dye, if desired. Texture is easily varied by altering distance and coating thickness. 16-oz. aerosol can is enough to treat up to 10 sq. ft.
    Due to regulations pertaining to recycling, we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.


    SEM Texture Coating, 16-oz. aerosol


    52056C SEM Plastic and Leather Prep
    SEM Vinyl Dyes

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