Eastwood 12 Inch Slip Roll

    Item #14041 Brand: Eastwood

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    This Eastwood 12 Inch Slip Roll can help you recreate a variety of parts including rocker panels, and any other piece of sheet metal requiring a rolled bend. Designed for use on sheet metal and wire to create
    • Bends
    • Cones
    • Cylinders

    About Eastwood 12 Inch Slip Roll

    This Eastwood 12 Inch Slip Roll was designed for use on sheet metal and wire to create bends, cones, and cylinders. This too can help you recreate a variety of parts including rocker panels, and any other piece of sheet metal requiring a rolled bend.


    28187 Bead roller with 6 mandrel sets,
    51088 DIY Shrinker/Stretcher Complete set,
    13475 Eastwood Electric Metal Shears,
    11797 Throatless Shear,
    14042 Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake


    Maximum Roll Length 12 Inch,
    Minimum Roll Diameter 1 Inch,
    Maximum Thickness(Steel) 20 Gauge,
    Maximum Thickness (Aluminum), 17 Gauge
    Wire Forming Sizes 5/64 Inch, 1/8 Inch, 5/32 Inch
    Weight 35lbs,
    Overall Dimensions 23 Inch x 63/4 Inch x 9 1/2 Inch


    This tool is considerably heavy. Use extreme caution when mounting in a vice or other temporary fixturing arrangement.Personal injury could occur if tool is dropped. Pinch Hazard. Keep fingers and away from moving parts when operating. Wear appropriate work gloves and protective clothing. Sheet metal will often have sharp edges which can cause cuts to hands and arms. Wear appropriate eye protection. Metal chips can be ejected during the bending process.


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    Complete Junk (Posted on 5/12/2014)
    Review by Dan
    The first unit they sent, the handle did not fit properly, the hex nut on it was stripped, it ground against the top roller and there is crap all over the rollers that needs to be cleaned off. The replacement was even worse. In addition to those other problems, the top roller is frozen and neither adjustment knobs for the lower roller works. Now they want me to pay to send it back, and are trying to charge a 15% restocking fee. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY
    useful tool (Posted on 12/9/2013)
    Review by Jack
    The roller work pretty well but the biggest problem was with the handle.It is about .100" too large and I just wound up using a cresent wrench to turn it. Not a big deal but the handle had to be ground down to clear the upper roller. Is no one looking at this? That is Not a quality fit. And one adjustment screw had a broken plastic handle on arrival and I replaced that with a long 10mm set screw. I have purchased some nice tools from Eastwood but I think they should take a little closer look at this item.
    It works (Posted on 10/3/2013)
    Review by Jeff
    The quality is about what I would expect from a $200 roller. One of the knobs was broken when it arrived and the Handle does not fit very well. If you can look past some of the quality issues it is not a bad buy. It does roll nicely when adjusted correctly.
    Does the job! (Posted on 6/24/2013)
    Review by Fred
    This slip roll is convenient and solid enough to do what I want with aluminum for my airplane. The secret is the practice pieces. I have to do three or more practice rolls before I get it right, and then can use the actual piece.
    I even rolled the top of my fuel tank in the shape of a cone, but had to do many strips (one on each end) to get the curvature right.. -
    junk (Posted on 2/2/2013)
    Review by korki
    rollers bent,will not roll evenly.handel must be for something else,1/2 inch square drive for a 3/8 square shaft.han to grind down outer handel to allow clerance to upper roller.CANNOT REMOVE ROLLED ITEM WITHOUT REMOVING HANDEL.JUNK

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