Eastwood 4 Stage Desiccant System 1/2" NPT

    Item #20474 Brand: Eastwood


    Ultimate Dry-Air System filters air in 4 stages for debris-free "air power" 1/2"-NPT, 4-stage system removes debris, particulates, oil and moisture to ensure nothing enters your air tools or spray equipment but pure, powerful, air.
    • First 2 stages remove debris
    • Third stage removes particulates
    • Fourth stage removes moisture and oil vapors
    • Includes sight glasses and drain valves

    About Eastwood 4 Stage Desiccant System 1/2" NPT

    Eastwood's modular air management systems are exclusively designed to deliver the purest air with maximum efficiency. This 1/2"-NPT matched system uses a state-of-the-art connector modular system that allows you to remove components without disassembling the entire system.

    The first 2 stages remove debris down to 40 microns; features a pop-up indicator that alerts you to excessive flow or a plugged element. Third stage removes particulates as small as .01 microns. Fourth-stage, 2-quart desiccant dryer then removes 99.97% of all moisture and vapors.

    Regulator has a reinforced diaphragm for repeated accuracy, and a gauge. Maximum 150 psi; maximum flow 25 cfm. Comes with hardware, modular connectors and instructions.

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