Eastwood Quarter-Mile Candy Red Paint

    Item #50377 ZP Quarter-Mile Candy Red


    Eastwood's premium Quarter-Mile Candy Red Single-Stage Acrylic Urethane Topcoat provides exceptional long-lasting beauty and durability.

    This premium 2-component topcoat system is blended with top-quality raw materials and advanced composition coatings technology. Superior to acrylic, alkyd and lacquer coatings. Eastwood's single-stage urethane paints hold their gloss longer and won't yellow.

    • 96-fl.-oz. Quarter-Mile Candy Red Automotive Paint
    • 32-fl.-oz. Activator required (included in 50377)
    • Catalyzed urethane for unsurpassed durability
    • Highly resistant to UV rays, chemicals, chips

    About Eastwood Quarter-Mile Candy Red Paint

    Due to regulations pertaining to recycling, we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.


    Choose from the following:
    50377ZP is the Quarter-Mile Candy Red Single-Stage Urethane Topcoat, Gallon, with Activator
    50216ZP is the Quarter-Mile Candy Red Topcoat, Gallon, without Activator
    21856ZP is the Eastwood Urethane Activator, 32-oz.


    Clean surfaces of all contaminants. Abrade surface to be painted with a minimum of 320-grit sandpaper, working up to a 600-grit for maximum adhesion. Re-clean surface. After shaking paint, mix 3 parts paint with 1 part activator. Use caution mixing materials as paint may begin to gel after 2 hours at 70°F. HVLP gun setting: 8-10 PSI, with a 1.4mm-1.8mm tip. This color is formulated to give complete coverage in 2-3 coats. Allow 10 minutes flash time between coats; should be tack-free in 45-60 minutes, with full cure in 18 hours.

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet


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    (Q) Do I need a clear?
    (A) No, but you should use a clearcoat over metallics.

    (Q) How much paint do I need?
    (A) Typically one gallon per car. If you are also painting jambs, under the hood, or the trunk, use 2 gallons. For large cars and pickup trucks, use 2 gallons. Number of coats, prep and application methods will affect the amount of paint required.

    Product Information Sheet

    Click here to view product information sheet


    Always wear proper eye, skin and respiratory protection. Always paint in a well-ventilated area away from sparks and open flame. Consult MSDS and product data sheets for proper safety precautions.

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    excellent product (Posted on 7/28/2014)
    Review by John
    "paint went down very well, the problem was that the first gallon of blue was purple, shot half the jeep, had to sand it out and Eastwood sent the proper color....after that all went well
    Great color (Posted on 3/12/2014)
    Review by Rick
    I used this red to paint my golf cart. Turned out great. I had a bit of orange peel but that was my fault for using a 1.3 tip rather than a 1.8 and closing it too much.
    super product,(as always from Eastwood) (Posted on 6/18/2012)
    Review by Mikie
    I sprayed this with a Sata using a 1,3 tip and it layed down very well, but I had to buy another for my Dale Earnhardt edition Monte Carlo SS, and while it was a different batch it matched up very well, I reduced it 7% and it was perfect. I agree the 3 quarts is a little short for a large car (GM A bodies and such). Actually, it did what I expected and then some. I did clear coat it for the protection because it's my daily driver, but I also wet sanded and polished a small area just to see what the gloss would be like, and the finish was impressive for a single stage. I've paid 3 times as much for far less quality. Been dealing with Eastwood for over 20 years and never had a bad experience, and any time I'm looking for anyhing automotve I look at Easwood first and it always works for me.
    great product (Posted on 1/7/2012)
    Review by ron
    3rd time painting a car and it turned out great. the paint was very easy to mix and spray. its a GREAT color and it has a great name as wll
    QUATER MILE CANDY RED (Posted on 9/11/2011)
    Review by haleyscomet
    Using a 1.4 tip on a gravity feed gun found paint flowed and covered nicely at an 80 degree outside temp. Previous attempt to spray at 90 degrees was not as successful. Paint flashed to quickly leaving more than desired orange peel. I dont feel one galllon is enough to spray an entire mid sized car. Wish they sold quarts of the paint. Felt to much orange in paint, although it does almost have the color of a candy dipped apple. The red by itself is nice yet addition of a clear coat after the paint cured and wet sanded with 800 has a deep gloss , Wet sand with 1500 and buff to follow.
    very happy (Posted on 4/30/2011)
    Review by Robert
    good flow
    very very happy!!!!!!! (Posted on 4/30/2011)
    Review by rob
    good flow

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