CheckSpark Engine Ignition Analyzer Model CS-2020

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    CheckSpark Engine Ignition Analyzer
    Engine won't start on the car, truck, motorcycle, boat, tractor, chainsaw, lawn mower or snowmobile? Remove the guesswork without removing the spark plug or wires! CheckSpark safely and accurately tests for proper spark, shorted/fouled plugs or even broken plug wires. This highly accurate diagnostic tool uses micro-circuit technology to help determine why the engine won’t start. Hands-free operation - just clip it on and crank it over. One of three LED’s will indicate the engine’s electrical condition. Works on all two- and four-stroke engines, with and without electronic CD ignitions. Advanced micro-circuit design makes ignition diagnostics a one person job

    • Spring-loaded gripper hook with auto on and off
    • No need to remove plug, wire or cap
    • 3 LED lights and attached troubleshooting tag makes it easy to diagnose the problem
    • Ergonomic design
    • One AAA 1.5 volt alkaline battery included

    About CheckSpark Engine Ignition Analyzer Model CS-2020

    Engine not starting? CheckSpark safely and hands free tests for proper spark, shorted / fouled plugs, and open or broken spark plug wires. The CheckSpark engine ignition analyzer is a highly accurate diagnostic sensor that uses micro circuit technology to troubleshoot why your car or gas powered items will not start. The easy clip on tool does not require you to remove the plug boot or spark plug, eliminating the chance of getting shocked.


    Includes: CheckSpark Engine Ignition Analyzer, Detailed Instructions, Diagnostic Tag, One AAA Battery.
    Battery: AAA alkaline battery included
    Operating Temperature: 0-130 degrees F


    Will work on four stroke, or two stroke engines. Works on pull start or electric start engine. Works on single or multiple cylinder engines.

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