Shake and Shoot Bedliner Kit Black

    Item #50411ZP Brand: Dominion


    Applying a tough-as-nails bed liner is easy...just spray it on or brush it on! 2-part "Shake and Shoot" Kit is an easy-to-apply urethane bed liner and industrial coating that provides long-lasting protection over virtually any surface, has excellent adhesion properties, and protects against UV rays.
    • Remains permanently flexible, and inhibits corrosion
    • Easy-mix system minimizes chance of under- or over-mixing
    • Semi-gloss finish; different textures can easily be achieved
    • Enough for a full-size short-bed truck

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    About Shake and Shoot Bedliner Kit Black

    Shake and Shoot is an easy to use urethane bed liner and industrial coating. It provides great protection over virtually any surface, has excellent adhesion properties, UV protection and is as tough as nails. Remains permanently flexible, inhibits corrosion and may increase the value of your truck. The easy mix system minimizes any chance of under or over mixing- simply pour can B into can A, shake and attach to your Eastwood Undercoating Gun (20441) and shoot! Can also be brushed or rolled on too. The finish will last for years, has a semi-gloss finish and different textures can easily be achieved.


    1 Kit which provides enough coverage to coat 1 Full Size Short Bed Truck Box with one coating at 7-8 mls. 2 Kits may be required for additional coatings and for larger truck beds.


    20441 - Undercoating Gun 51483 - Rust Converter 16060 Z - Rust Encapsulator 10194 ZP - PRE Quart


    Coverage: 80-84 sq. ft. per kit @ 7-8 mls dry (Approx. 1 full size short bed tr Application: Can be applied via Undercoating Gun, Brush, or Roller Clean Up: Lacquer Thinner Shelf Life: 12 Months @ 72F


    Always wear proper eye, skin and respiratory protection Always paint in a well ventilated area away from sparks & open flame Consult MSDS & Product data Sheets for proper safety precautions


    Made in Canada.


    1. Clean surface with wax and grease remover (PRE). 2. Loose Paint and rust should be removed and effected areas primed. 3. Sand area with 120 grit paper. Then reclean with wax and grease remover. 4. Mask surrounding areas. 5. Pour Part B into Part A and shake vigorously for 2 minutes. 6. Allow to dry (Tack Free: 1.5 hrs; Light Duty: 48 hrs; Regular Duty: 7 Days) Note: Do not expose to water for 24 hrs.

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