Rust Remover Bicarb Soda w/ 20% 36-grit Aluminum Oxide

    Item #50494 Brand: Armex

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    Rust Removal Profile XL Soda Blast Media with Aluminum Oxide is our most aggressive soda for rust removal Environmentally friendly XL Soda Blast Media is specially formulated with 20% aluminum oxide to strip rust and paint without using chemicals, and without damaging metal.
    • 20% aluminum oxide abrasive (36-grit)
    • 80% Bicarbonate Soda (XL-size, 170-mesh)
    • 50-lb. bag

    About Rust Remover Bicarb Soda w/ 20% 36-grit Aluminum Oxide

    Use with our 100-lb. Blaster (50095) or our Professional Blaster (50096). The soda media will remove urethane, epoxies, enamels and lacquer top coats along with virtually every primer and filler for automotive and marine use; aluminum oxide hard abrasive strips the rust and corrosion. This media is designed for abrasive stripping; it WILL etch glass and chrome surfaces, so mask all exposed surfaces you do not want in contact with the media. Assure dry air supply when used in climates of high humidity or damp locations. Made in USA.


    50-lb. bag of 20% aluminum oxide abrasive (36-grit) and 80% Bicarbonate Soda (XL-size, 170-mesh)


    50417 Galvanized Funnel with Sifter Screen
    50097 Soda Blasting Protection Kit

    MSDS Sheet

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    Use a properly fitted dust mask or respirator, safety glass or safety shield. Wear heavy gloves, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to protect any exposed skin. Use our Safety Kit (50097) for complete protection. To check that the deadman valve is operating properly, depress the valve lever and release, assuring it closes over the nozzle under its own spring pressure. If it doesn't, do not use the deadman valve until the spring or obstruction is repaired.

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