ZDDP Plus Oil Additive 3 Pack

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    If you project vehicle is pre-1989, ZDDP Plus Oil Additive is a must for keeping that engine running smoothly If your engine was designed before 1989, the camshaft's non-roller lifters require ZDDP in the motor oil to prevent premature deterioration. However, the U.S. government ruled that ZDDP could no longer be put into domestic motor oils starting in 1989, so today's motor oils won't provide the ZDDP your older engine needs...unless you add this ZDDP Plus Oil Additive!
    • ZDDP alters bearing and journal surface characteristics to prevent metal-on-metal contact
    • ZDDP reduces the tendency of parts to scuff or gall under heavy loads
    • Add a 4-oz. bottle of ZDDP Plus to every 4- or 5-quart oil change
    • Economical 3-pack

    About ZDDP Plus Oil Additive 3 Pack

    After 70+ years, the EPA mandated that all domestic oil producers remove ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate) from all conventional and synthetic motor oil. If your engine was designed before 1989, the non-roller lifters require ZDDP to avoid premature deterioration. ZDDP also alters bearing and journal surface characteristics to prevent metal to metal contact. Under extreme conditions like a high performance motor, ZDDP reduces the tendancy of parts to scuff or gall under heavy loads. Simply add ZDDP-Plus to every 4-5 quart oil change and your motor will be protected from metal to metal contact.


    4 Fluid Ounces in a pour bottle

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet


    Can it be used in both conventional and synthetic oils? YES Will too much hurt the motor? No, do not exceed 8 oz, 2 bottles. Can I use it in any motor? NO, 1989 and older. Will it work in diesel? NO, it will have no effect in a diesel motor.


    Always wear eye and skin protection when changing oils or working around petroleum products.


    Made in USA


    Applicable with all grades of conventional and synthetic motor oils. Add at time of oil change. Can be added at any time but best time is at oil change. Should only be used in motor produced in 1989 and older. Not for use in diesel motors. Not for use with OBD controlled motors.

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    Product is working (Posted on 6/15/2014)
    Review by dave
    Read about, then tried ZDDP oil additive. My 350 oil pressure would drop to 20# at idle and 60 at higher rpm's. After adding ZDDP it now idles at around 40-45#. Thanks Eastwood.! The product did what they said it would do. :)

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