1/16" x 55' Yellow Crepe Tape

    Item #50737 Brand: IPG


    1/16" x 55 yards.
    Also available in other sizes:
    37165 - 1/8" x 36 yds Vinyl
    37166 - 1/4" x 36 yds Vinyl

    About 1/16" x 55' Yellow Crepe Tape

    The most flexible masking tape we've found - This single coated, lacquer edged crepe tape makes tight radius curves while providing superior paint line definition and holding power. The perfect tape to use when masking for sharp curves, over uneven surfaces and into seams. Works great for creating your own flame design or to create a pinstriping stencil. 1/16"" x 55 yards long.


    1/16" x 55 Yards (165 feet)


    50061compressor 11233 stuickey mickety tape 12795 EW airbrush Kafka brushes


    always wear proper eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting

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