Eastwood Surface Rust Prep Kit

    Item #51131Z


    Kit includes 16-oz. Fast Etch and 11-oz. PRE Painting Prep Aerosol

    About Eastwood Surface Rust Prep Kit

    Our Surface Rust Prep Kit includes the chemicals you need to remove rust and prepare for painting. Our 16-oz. Fast Etch is a powerful liquid rust remover. Fast Etch can reach even inaccessible areas, leaving behind a zinc phosphate coating. Fast Etch can be sprayed, painted, or used as a parts dip. After removing rust, use the included 11-oz. PRE Aerosol surface preparation to remove dirt, wax, polish, grease, silicone, buffing compound, and even road tar. Cleaning with Pre ensures a clean surface before priming and painting.Due to the new regulations pertaining to paint recycling we are unable to ship this product to Alberta Canada at this time.


    19416Z Fast Etch 10041Z Pre


    Made in the USA

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