Eastwood Road Salt Neutralizer Gallon

    Item #51507ZP Brand: Eastwood


    Neutralize road salt before it starts eating away at your car's metal Spray Eastwood's Road Salt Neutralizer up under your car at the end of the day after driving through road salt, brine and ice melt.
    • Neutralizes salt's corrosive film
    • Won't harm painted or finished surfaces
    • 1-gallon concentrate makes 21+ gallons of neutralizer

    About Eastwood Road Salt Neutralizer Gallon

    During the winter months, vehicles are blasted by road salt, brine & ice melt causing metal parts and body panels to rust and corrode. Eastwoods Road Salt Neutralizer is a blend of inorganic acids, corrosion inhibitors and penetrants that neutralize the corrosive film left behind from salt & ice melters without harming painted or finished surfaces. To use simply mix 6 oz of Eastwood Road Salt Neutralizer with 1 gallon of warm water, spray or sponge on the solution and five minutes later hose off. One gallon of concentrate makes more than 21 gallons of Neutralizer. Ideal for any metal substrate exposed to road salt.

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    Works Great! (Posted on 2/3/2014)
    Review by Scott
    We bought this to help with the upkeep of our fleet of trucks, especially after plowing snow. It works as described, the salt residue and caked on salt comes right off as you spray the product on. We have had no residual salt on the trucks after rinsing and washing them when using this product.

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