No-Weld Panel Adhesive Replacement

    Item #31087 Brand: Eastwood


    Replacement Adhesive for our No-Weld Panel Repair Kit Slow-cure epoxy adhesive works with our 31102 No-Weld Panel Repair Kit to securely install metal repair panels without welding.
    • 50ml cartridge
    • Includes 2 mixing nozzles
    • Each cartridge produces a 6'-long, 1/4"-wide bead

    About No-Weld Panel Adhesive Replacement

    Use your own caulking gun. Flat repair surface will require little or no filler.


    Slow-Cure Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge, 50ml
    2 Mixing Nozzles

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet


    31102 No-Weld Panel Repair Kit

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    good product (Posted on 6/9/2014)
    Review by Paul
    My friend (in another state) has all the bodywork equipment in the world, and said I could borrow his "gun" any time I needed to use a 3M type of epoxy adhesive. When I saw that Eastwood had a set-up that used my standard caulk gun, that sounded like a better idea!!
    I had read the reviews about the hole needing to be bigger so I proceeded with caution, but still started with a smaller hole. I thought that you got more in a tube, and that it would go further!!! For my situation I didn't want/need a 1/4' bead, so I put the tube out in the sun for half an hour or so before I brought it in the garage and cut a SMALL hole in the tip. This seemed to be the ticket!!!! If you warm the product up a little comes out great!!!!
    HOPE THIS HELPS ANY OF YOU AFRAID TO BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I attached a 4" x 66'' piece of aluminum diamond plate to my tailgate, and had PLENTY of adhesive, where I was afraid that one 1/4' bead appx. 6' long as the product coverage states wouldn't be enough.
    Thanks, Eastwood!!!
    great product, works perfectly (Posted on 10/2/2013)
    Review by joshua
    I've used other matel adhesives such as 3M DuraMix before and this product did just as well for half that price. Did the rear wheel arches on my K1500 and used 1/2 a tube per arch. Thank you to the guy who broke the "ears" off of his tube, gotta cut a large enough hole on in the appliacation tip and hold the caulk gun to make sure you dont break anything. lay a thick enough bead just so that the bead squeezes out of the top of the repair once you squeeze it together with your pop rivets(what I did) or sheet metal screws.
    junk (Posted on 8/6/2013)
    Review by n
    I am sure the product is good but I purchased it and when I went to use it, one side was dry. So I contacted eastwood and they gave me my money back. But not the shipping. They send me junk and I have to pay for shipping. Not a good way to do business.
    Positive, need to add a tip (Posted on 10/4/2010)
    Review by NHstever
    1.) The actual product is probably very good.
    2.) Cut the nozzle tip larger than you want, the caulking gun exerts more force than you realize, and can break the ears of the tip off.
    3.) Place a 1/2" flat washer over the nozzle tip before you insert it in the adapter to hold the nozzle and the cartridge better. Very important.
    4.) You will need more of these than you think you will.

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