Eastwood Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust Aerosol 13.5 oz

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    Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust Spray protects internal surfaces against rust Sprays-on a waxy, amber-colored film that sticks to bare metal or painted surfaces, and won't crack, flake or peel. Use inside doors and rockers, where painting will not be required.
    • Air- and water-tight barrier prevents and slows rust
    • Ideal for rocker panels, frame, rails, tailgates
    • Self-heals if scratched
    • Covers 8 sq. ft.

    About Eastwood Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust Aerosol 13.5 oz

    Heavy-Duty Anti Rust's spray-on brown wax film sticks to bare metal or painted surfaces and won't crack, flake, or peel. Will self-heal if scratched. Use inside doors and rockers, where painting will not be required. Forms an air and water tight barrier which prevents and slows rust. Product can also be used to protect fresh machined surfaces and bare metal parts during storage, and works great to seal body seams that are inaccessible. Buy 3 or more and SAVE!


    One aerosol 11.75 ounce can covers up to 6 sq ft.


    Buy 3 or more and SAVE!


    Work in a well ventilated area when applying this product. The use of a respirator like our Professional Respirator (34029) is recommended when applying this coating.




    H.D. Anti Rust forms an airtight & watertight barrier. This soft coating is most commonly applied in doors, rocker panels and other closed box sections. H.D. Anti Rust is also an excellent lubricant for leaf springs & internal door parts. Covers 6 sq. ft. Max Temp 175 F. For treating larger areas, use Heavy Duti Anti Rust 28 oz (16017ZP) in the Undercoating System (16003). Work in a well ventilated area, or use a respirator like our Pro Respirator (34229). For removal, scrape heavy build-up w/ a scraper & wipe off residue w/PRE & a rag.

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    "protection costs" (Posted on 7/19/2012)
    Review by Roguelement
    In todays world we rarely get what we paid for Or we pay alot for it and while Eastwoods Anti-rust is rather pricy just think of the job it does 24/7 and your getting a deal . So if your restoring an old car or pick-up don't give rust a chance on your project protect it Anti-rust flows into tight places and stays put I used it behind all the patch panels I installed and two years later they still look great , Thank you Eastwoods ..
    Mr (Posted on 1/25/2010)
    Review by Butler Tool Company
    Another quality product by Eastwood
    Always wish the price was lower but this product is worth the money.
    Great item to use on repaired panels! (Posted on 1/25/2010)
    Review by Big Jake
    I like the spray feature, it flows into places you cannot see. It dries semi-soft, so if you scratch it, it will heal itself. I use it on new panels, and inside doors. It's also good on inner fender panels. Great product!

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