Elite HotCoat Powder Coating Kit

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    "Elite" HotCoat Powder-Coating Kit is our most complete powder coat kit with our original powder coat gun! Now the home hobbyist can take advantage of all the benefits of powder coating right in his own garage or shop! This "Elite" kit includes our original powder coat gun, black plus 4 standard colors of your choice, plus everything else you'll need (except compressed air and a dedicated oven) to achieve truly professional results.
    • Extremely durable finish
    • Coat and cure in under an hour!
    • Easy to apply
    • Quick color changes
    • Economical

    About Elite HotCoat Powder Coating Kit

    Why powder coat? Because it gives you one of the most economical, color-durable, and longest-lasting finishes available. You'll find powder-coated surfaces are far more resistant to chipping, scratches, fading, and wear than other finishes, and the color selection is virtually unlimited, with high and low gloss, metallic, and clear finishes available. And thanks to the UV resistance of many of the powders, colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Texture selections range from smooth surfaces to a wrinkled or matte finish, plus rough textures designed for hiding surface imperfections.

    One 8-oz. bottle of powder covers the same area as 2-3 cans of spray paint, and clean-up is easy, since you can simply sweep-up the oversprayed powder. Contains no environmentally harmful solvents. HotCoat Powder Coating System requires a 5-10psi compressed air source and dedicated electric oven (or toaster oven).

    (See "Contents" tab for all the specific items included in this Elite kit.)


    10198 Original Eastwood HotCoat Gun
    1/2-lb. Black Gloss Powder
    Your choice of 4 standard 1/2-lb. Powder Colors
    51558 Powder Chip Color Chart
    10078 Reusable Hi-Temp Silicone Plugs
    10027 Hi-Temp Masking Tape (1/2" x 36-yard roll)
    43045 1-lb. Stainless Steel Hanging Wire
    34066 In-Line Air Filter
    3 Empty Powder Bottles with Screw-On Tops
    Beginning Powder Coater's Handbook



    10041Z PRE Painting Prep
    51081 Metal Wash Metal Prep
    19418ZP Fast Etch Rust Remover and Metal Prep
    20473 2-Stage Air Dryer System
    58111 Pack of 20 Hooks
    58112 Silicone Cap & Plug Kit
    11477 Infrared Thermometer
    10590 Infrared Curing Lamp


    (Q) Can I use my household oven?
    (A) No, you cannot use an oven that will be used to cook/bake food.

    (Q) How long do I bake/cure the part?
    (A) 20 minutes at 400 degreesF.

    (Q) Can I remove the powder coating?
    (A) Yes, use Eastwood's 12849 Powder Coat & Paint Dissolver (Qt.) or 12850 Powder Coat & Paint Dissolver (Gal.).

    (Q) How do I know what the colors will look like?
    (A) Order Eastwood's 51558 HotCoat Powder Coating Chip Chart (free in our kits).


    Use a disposable dust mask when handling or applying powder. Powder, like common flour, can be explosive when suspended in the air in high concentrations. To minimize any explosion risk, sweep up—do not vacuum—powder from the floor. Cure powder in a well-ventilated area. The urethane powders we sell liberate a very minute amount of isocyanates when the powder flows out. This usually occurs about 3-5 minutes after the part is placed in the oven to bake. Wear a respirator with fresh filter cartridges when curing or inspecting flow-out progress.


    1-year mfr's. warranty against defects.

    Designed, engineered and tested to Eastwood's specifications.

    Final product imported.


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    Perfect for the Beginner (Posted on 1/26/2010)
    Review by David
    Everything to get started except the oven ! lightweight easy to use and afordable can you ask for more the hand book alone is priceless with info, pics, and guidance packed on every page If anyone that is thinking about powder coating for a hobby or for business asked me i would tell them to start with this kit. Its perfact for the beginner Thanks Eastwood
    Ecstatic (Posted on 1/26/2010)
    Review by Metal Man
    I am a metal sculptor and purchased this system to use on some of my smaller work which yielded excellent results. I now use it everyday and have eliminated aerosols from my shop, which is great for the environment. There are a few tricks to learn, but the manual is helpful and adequate. I do wish Eastwood would make the activator line and the gun line several feet longer so one can keep the power box farther away from the powder painting area. Overall this is a great item at a great price.
    Good Stuff (Posted on 1/25/2010)
    Review by Biker BeeJ
    Aint done much yet. Did a set of ATV rims in flat black, came out great. Next step larger oven (DIY).
    Great deal for me (Posted on 1/25/2010)
    Review by caipira
    I bought the kit on sale and also joined the buyer's cllub. Very easy to use. I joined the powder coat forum after about a week and asked a few questions about problems I was having. Got straight forward answers and never looked back.
    I've had excellent results. Any shortcomings are due to my limitations and not the equipment.
    Plan to start building a larger oven next week.
    Buyer's club also saves money on powder and shipping. Already got my money's worth in shipping alone.
    Very useful kit, everything you need to get started (Posted on 1/25/2010)
    Review by Philip
    This kit really does have everything you need to get going in the hobby powder coating world. The gun is easy to use, and changing colors is very easy, perfect for the hobby and do-it yourself powder coater. The handbook is helpful and includes tips and other important information. If I were starting over, I would purchase this again!
    Couldn't be easier (Posted on 1/25/2010)
    Review by Marc
    I kick myself when I think of all the little parts I paid to have powdercoated when all I needed was the Elite HotCoat kit. Gives you everything you need to make old parts spring to life. Easy to set up, use, and enjoy. All the colors, textures available make this the MUST HAVE tool in your garage.
    Amazing Tool! (Posted on 12/31/2009)
    Review by Bert
    To begin with, I had NEVER tried powdercoating, or even done much painting. When I decided to try it out on some pieces of a 1975 MGB I am restoring, I ordered the Elite Hotcoat kit....smart move! The only other thing I needed was an oven, and I picked up a used one for $25 from a local used appliance store. I later added a no-contact thermometer (also a smart move). First attempt yielded EXCELLENT results. As friends saw how my parts were turning out, I started to get lots of requests from others. Finally had to start turning them down so I could get back to my own project! Super simple to do and I've been amazed at the number of uses I've found. Great product, great price! Now I need a bigger oven for motorcycle frames!

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