Buff Kit Stainless Aluminum Brass Steel 6 Inch

    Item #13100 Brand: Eastwood


    These combo kits save you money by combining the Stainless steel Buffing Kit and the Aluminum and Brass Buffing Kit and eliminate any duplicate compounds or wheels. The kits below include the following 6"", 8"" or 10"": one Sisal, two Spirals and one Loose; and one each of the following compounds: Emery, Tripoli, Stainless, White Rouge and an instruction booklet.

    About Buff Kit Stainless Aluminum Brass Steel 6 Inch

    This Kit includes the following 6" Buffs: one Sisal, two Spiral and one Loose; one each of the following Compounds: Emery, Tripoli, Stainless, and White Rouge; and instructions.


    The Buffing Kit for Stainless Steel & Aluminum includes: five 6" Buffing Wheels (1 Sisal, 2 Spiral Sewn, and 2 Loose), 4 Compounds (Emery, Stainless Steel, Tripoli, White Rouge), and Buffing instructions.


    Click here for Buffing Instructions

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