Mityvac Silverline Elite Test Hand Pump Kit MV8500

    Item #1019404 Brand: Mityvac


    12 styles of POP® Rivets in one 265-pc. Assortment are "must-haves" in your body shop.

    265-piece POP® Rivet Assortment contains 12 types of rivets to handle common automotive body jobs like structural repairs, body and collision work, and more.

    • 4 diameters
    • 6 different maximum-grip sizes
    • 3 head styles
    • 3 rivet type
    • Rivets and mandrels: combinations of aluminum, steel or stainless

    About Mityvac Silverline Elite Test Hand Pump Kit MV8500

    Mityvac(tm) Silverline Elite Automotive Hand Pump Kit delivers both vacuum and pressure. Designed with proven features from the renowned Mityvac(tm) pumps, the dual capability of the new Mityvac hand pump included in this kit combines two pumps into one. -Either vacuum or pressure with equal precision and convenience -Engine performance diagnostics, brake bleeding, fluid transfer, evacuation, sampling, windshield repair and more -Includes components for many diagnostic and mechanical tests


    Silverline Elite Hand Vacuum/Pressure Pump (MV8510) with 2"-dia. compound gauge and rubber boot 4.5-oz. Fluid Reservoir Bottle with fluid transfer and storage lids 4 Tapered Adapters for connecting to tubing from 0.09" to 0.50" ID 2 Tapered Manifold Plugs 2 Tapered Bleed Screw Adapters 2 Universal Bleed Screw Adapters 12 Vacuum Cap Plugs Vacuum Line T-Adapter 5/32" ID x 1/4" ID Tubing Adapter Rubber-Cupped Adapter Two 1/4" ID x 24"-long Connection Tubes 1/4" ID x 1-1/2"-long Connection Tube 1/4" ID 5/8"-long Fluid **** SEE WEB SITE FOR MORE INFO ****


    Test and diagnose: Turbocharger Emission control systems EGR valves Vacuum gauges Diesel piston pin retainer leaks Mechanical fuel pumps Diesel valves Air/Fuel mixtures Turbocharger waste gates Ignition timing Distributor vacuum advance Carburetor adjustments Carburetor chokes retard mechanisms & service Valve stem oil seals Air conditioner/heating controls Vacuum actuated accessories Power brakes Mechanical & electrical vacuum pumps Automatic transmissions Computerized engine control systems

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