Budge Max Car Cover Fits cars up to 22ft GMX 5

    Item #14811 Brand: Budge


    MAX® performance Endura Plus™ Car Cover protects your vehicle from the elements with 3 layers of water-repelling, breathable protection.

    PGI Endura Plus™ car covers are a thick, 3-layer composite material composed of a micro-porous film sandwiched between two layers of soft, but tough, polypropylene to give you The MAX® protection performance. Protects your investment's finish by keeping rain, snow, harsh sun, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt and pollution off your vehicle.

    • Withstands UV rays to reduce fading of vehicle interior and exterior
    • Superior water resistance, even during downpours
    • Breathable, to prevent mold and mildew
    • For cars up to 22' long
    • 70" wide, 53" tall

    About Budge Max Car Cover Fits cars up to 22ft GMX 5

    MAX® Car Cover has fully elasticized hems for a tight, custom fit. Includes storage pouch, plus non-scratch grommets to attach the theft-deterrent tie-down straps.


    For cars up to 22' long
    Measures 70" wide, 53" tall:


    • Grandville/GTO
    • Parisienne

    • Gran Fury
    • Roadrunner 68-70
    • Satellite

    • Bonneville 71-76
    • Delta 88 54-76
    • 88 LSS
    • Delta
    • Firenza
    • Newport
    • Ninety-eight-49-84
    • Starfire

    • Grand Marquis
    • Marauder
    • Meteor 63
    • Montego
    • Monterey (64-74)

    • 62
    • Landaulet

    • Mark V
    • Continental 62-82
    • Town Car
    • MK III
    • VI
    • VIII
    • MK IV

    • Galaxie 65-74
    • Thunderbird 61-76

    • Charger
    • Monaco,Royal Mon.
    • St. Regis

    • Imperial
    • Newport
    • New Yorker

    • Caprice 65-75
    • El Camino
    • Impala 60-76

    • Deville
    • Fleetwood
    • Eldorado 64-78
    • Eldorado 64-78

    • Electra 69
    • Electra
    • Park Ave 77-84
    • Le Sabre 59-76
    • Riviera 71-76

    • Rambler


    21697 set of four car dollies, 13445Z Aersol Injected Lubricator


    Manufacturer recommends that repainted vehicles should not be covered until after a minimum of 6 months. It is best to check with your body shop for recommended "cure time." Use of any cover on a repainted vehicle may cause damage which is not due to the cover, but due to the new paint.


    10 Year warranty. To have this warranty honored, the original purchaser should return the car cover postage paid, along with a copy of the receipt, to Budge Industries LLC., 840 4th St., Henderson, KY 42420. The repaired or replaced cover will be returned to the sender within 45 days of receipt.

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