Rust Encapsulator Trial Kit 14799

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    Try it first! Rust Encapsulator Trial Kit lets you see how easy it is to paint over old rust.

    Kit includes 4 ozs. of Rust Encapsulator, enough to clean and coat 8 sq. ft. Apply this high-performance rust-preventive coating directly on rusty metal. Unlike other paint-over-rust products, Rust Encapsulator needs no top coat and is UV-resistant.

    • No topcoat needed
    • UV-resistant
    • Matte black finish
    • Resists to 400 degreesF

    More Info

    Cannot be shipped to California. For the Low-VOC Kit that can be shipped to California, see #14800Z.


    4 ozs. of Rust Encapsulator (available in Low-VOC and regular formulations)
    11-oz. PRE™ Painting Prep Spray
    3M™Shop Mask
    Pair of Large Nitrile Disposable Gloves


    6060z Rust Encapsulator
    51483Z Rust Converter
    19415ZP Fast Etch
    12096 Gel Rust Dissolver
    16037 Rust Dissolver
    12515Z Internal Frame Coating
    13651Z Rubberized Rust Encapsulator
    14741Z Textured Rust Encapsulator


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Apply in a well-ventilated area away from open flame. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions.

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