Iwata LPH400 134 LVX 1.3mm Gun Only 5660

    Item #15026 Brand: Iwata


    The LPH400-134LVX spray gun from Iwata is a tool used for painting automobile surface areas with various kinds of base coats.

    Combining design concepts with Iwata's LPH400 LVB, the LPH400 LVX eXtreme base coat technology was developed for use with 90-95% of base coat colors and engineered to provide increased productivity in application for solvent or waterborne base coats.

    • An 11.8 inch tulip pattern causes more material in the pattern and less overspray
    • Applicable in solvent or waterborne products
    • LVX air cap designed for all midrange colors where productivity and speed are a must
    • Low air consumption operating on 9.8 CFM
    • Spray gun has a 1.3 mm nozzle size

    The LPH400-134LVX works best for applying base coats to various surface areas.

    About Iwata LPH400 134 LVX 1.3mm Gun Only 5660

    The LPH400-134LVX eXtreme model from one of Iwata's best paint spray gun collections is the ideal gun for applying base coats to an automobile.
    It is designed with Iwata's own LVX eXtreme base coat technology, which is designed to operate with 90-95% of base coat colors. The LV technology was also incorporated by having a 11.8 inch tulip pattern, thus causing more material in the pattern and less overspray. The gun contains a 1.3 mm nozzle size and the air consumption gauges at 9.8 CFM. This high performance center post gravity feed HVLP gun only in Iwata's LPH400 LVX series is the perfect tool for spraying on base coats on a multitude of surface areas.


    15028 Iwata Plastic Cup
    15029 Iwata 700ML A15030 Iwata 100ml aluminum Cup
    15036 Iwata air Control Valve
    15037 Iwata regulator
    50207 DeKups Adapter
    14048 Gunner Cup Adapter


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Paint in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Constult Product information sheet for proper safety and equipment usage.

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