Item #15045 Brand: Iwata


    The Iwata PCG10D-2 1 Liter 1/4 Inch Aluminum Cup is a quality paint receptacle for Supernova spray guns.

    This paint gun cup is excellent for waterborne paint materials, and it fits on Iwata Supernova spray guns in the following series:

    • LS400-1301
    • LS400-1401
    • LS400-1302
    • LS400-1402
    • WS400-1301C
    • WS400-1401
    The PCG10D-2 1 Liter 1/4 Inch Aluminum Cup works with Iwata Supernova spray guns to make quality base coats and clear coats.

    About Iwata PCG10D 2 1L ALUMINUM CUP 1/4 In (SST JOINT)

    The PCG10D 2 1 Liter 1/4 Inch Aluminum Cup from Iwata is a quality paint cup for Supernova spray coat guns. Able to contain up to 1 liter of liquid materials, this aluminum cup with stainless steel joints is durable, simple to refill and easy to clean. This cup particularly feeds waterborne paint materials flawlessly for clear coats, base coats and refinish coats. This plastic gravity cup easily attaches to a variety of different Iwata spray guns including: LS400 1301, LS400 1401, LS400 1302, LS400 1402, WS400 1301C, and WS400 1401.


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Paint in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Constult Product information sheet for proper safety and equipment usage.

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