Eastwood 1/4",3/8" & 1/2" Dr. 10pc Standard Metric Socket Sets

    Item #Metric 30123


    Eastwood 10-pc. Metric Socket Sets are built for everyday use.

    For mechanical maintenance and repair, you won't find a better set than these 10-piece metric sockets from Eastwood. Each is fully hardened chrome-vanadium steel for exceptional strength and durability, and the Surface DriveĀ® socket contact points virtually eliminate rounding of fasteners. Chamfered lead-ins allow the socket to slip onto the fastener and drive tool with ease. Exceeds ANSI Standards.

    • 4mm thru 13mm sizes
    • Chrome vanadium steel
    • 6-point sockets
    • Lifetime warranty against mfr's. defects

    About Eastwood 1/4",3/8" & 1/2" Dr. 10pc Standard Metric Socket Sets

    Sockets have large, easy-to-read size markings, and the chrome finish wipes clean easily. Socket storage rail has metal clips to secure each socket.


    30123-1/4" Drive
    4mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    5mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    6mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    7mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    8mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    9mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    10mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    11mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    12mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    13mm 1/4"-drive Socket
    Hang-Up Socket Storage Rail

    30124-3/8" Drive
    10mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    11mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    12mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    13mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    14mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    15mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    16mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    17mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    18mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    19mm 3/8"-drive Socket
    Hang-Up Socket Storage Rail

    30125-1/2" Drive
    15mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    16mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    17mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    18mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    19mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    20mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    21mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    22mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    24mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    27mm 1/2"-drive Socket
    Hang-Up Socket Storage Rail


    Always wear appropriate eye protection.


    Lifetime Warranty. Engineered to Eastwood's specifications. Imported.

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