Eastwood ElastiWrap™ Gal Kit w/Turbine Gun

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    Everything you need to dip your car in a convenient kit

    Available in assorted colors, the ElastiWrap™ Kit from Eastwood provides you with everything you need to dip your car in this durable rubber-based coating. Including the turbine spray system, as well as the materials, this comprehensive ElastiWrap Kit is customizable, as it comes in a large selection of color choices. The kit includes:

    • 3 gallons of ElastiWrap™
    • 2 cans of ElastiWrap™ Surface Prep
    • Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System
    • Box of 200 Shop Towels
    • 5 one-quart Mixing Cups and Lids
    • 1 pair of Large Nitrile Gloves
    • 1 Handy Masker
    • Customize your own color using the Eastwood ElastiWrap 2-Color Intermix System

    About Eastwood ElastiWrap™ Gal Kit w/Turbine Gun

    This professional ElastiWrap™ kit has everything you need to dip your entire vehicle with this special, flexible rubberized coating that is easy to apply. ElastiWrap™ builds quicker than other rubber coatings, so you need less material. With the intermix system, virtually any color can be created. ElastiWrap™ is a durable finish that lasts for years, yet can be easily peeled off without damage to the original finish.

    Due to regulations pertaining to paint recycling, at this time we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.

    Eastwood ElastiWrap 2-Color Intermix System


    Three Gallons of ElastiWrap, 14898 Eastwood Turbine Paint System, Two cans of 14993Z ElastiWrap Surface Prep, 1 box 200 shop towels, Five one quart Mixing Cups and lids, pair of Large Nitrile Gloves, One 14745 Handy Masker


    Always apply wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when applying ElastiWrap. Apply in a well ventilated area, away from open flame. Flow directions on label. Consult MSDS for specific safety warning

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