Channellock Side Cutting Long Nose Pliers 326

    Item #30440


    Specially designed to reach into small spaces where others won’t fit

    Engineered with diagonal crosshatching to grip in any direction and a tiny nose to reach into tight spots. Made by Channellock in America from high carbon steel for strength and coated to prevent rust. Side cutter is laser heat treated to stay sharp longer and features an exclusive knife and anvil design for added precision.

    • Narrow nose with diagonal crosshatch
    • Comfort grips
    • Wire Cutter
    • High carbon steel for strength
    • Specially coated for rust prevention
    • Made in USA

    About Channellock Side Cutting Long Nose Pliers 326

    Channellock 6” long nose pliers are engineered for hard to reach jobs, and the blue grips are made for comfort. Their unique features like the diagonal crosshatch, knife & anvil cutter, laser heat treating, high carbon steel and special rust prevention coating make them a better grade than other no-name pliers.


    1 pair of long nose pliers


    Always wear proper hand and eye protection when using hand tools


    Limited Lifetime, Made in USA

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