DEI Under Carpet Sound Deadening 050101 18 Sq Ft

    Item #30521 Brand: Design Engineering, Inc.


    Boom Mat Undercarpet is the second line of defense against noise, vibration and heat

    Install Boom Mat Undercarpet over original Boom Mat vibration damping material in your passenger compartment for an extra layer of protection from noise, vibration and heat. Constructed of marine grade foam and a layer of special sound barrier material. Easily trimmed to the needed size and shape, its 3/8” thickness can be bent and shaped to conform to nearly any surface. Can be installed with staples, or with spray adhesive. Insulated the inside of your car truck or van from heat, or cold.

    • Use over Boom Mat for extra vibration and sound deadening
    • Easily trimmed and shaped to size
    • Flexible to conform to irregular surfaces
    • Insulated from heat in summer & cold in winter

    About DEI Under Carpet Sound Deadening 050101 18 Sq Ft

    Install Undercarpet over original Boom Mat for even more low frequency noise and vibration protection. Provides luxury car levels of quiet and heat protection in any car. Insulates to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


    48 inch X 54 inch, 18 Square Feet


    Always wear proper hand and eye protection when working on a vehicle.


    Made in the USA

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