Steck Panel Shaper Kit

    Item #12029 Brand: Steck Manufacturing Company Inc


    3-pc. Steck Panel Shaper Kit, driven by your air hammer, speeds up body repairs and reduces arm fatigue Reshape badly deformed inner panels, body lines and floors using the vibrating action of your air hammer. Saves you time and fatigue.
    • Chisel Head works on door, body lines, corner shaping and fender edges
    • Rounded Head straightens out wheel house and quarter panels
    • Flat Head straightens out floors, trunk floors and quarters

    About Steck Panel Shaper Kit

    The Panel Shaper Kit is an air-hammer-driven set of three self-lubricating, nylon-reinforced heads that help you easily access deep, hard-to-reach areas and badly deformed sheet metal surfaces to form them back to original shapes. Arbors allow each tool head to be attached to your air hammer.

    Panel Shaper Kit also helps you form custom patch panels, and the heads can also be customized by grinding the head to any specific angle and shape required to perform the repair. Made in the USA.


    Chisel Head
    Rounded Head
    Flat Head


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    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when working with air tools.

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