Hi Torque Chevy Mini Starter

    Item #12066 Brand: DeVilbiss


    <b>OEM-quality, Replacement Hi-Torque Starter gets your Chevy rollin'!</b> 1.40 Kw (1.8-HP) hi-torque starter is manufactured specifically for Chevy small and big block applications. <ul><li>100% new and tested OE-equivalent unit</li><li>Replaces "straight"-bolt-pattern starters with 153- or 168-tooth flywheels</li><li>Chrome starter for small or big block Chevy applications</li></ul>

    About Hi Torque Chevy Mini Starter

    Delivers almost twice the power of OE units. Chrome-plated, with indexable mount block to clear headers and bell-housings. 1.40Kw (1.8 HP) unit bolts directly in place of an OE starter that has the mount bolts in a straight pattern. Fires engines up to 13:1 compression. Weighs just 9 lbs.


    Hi-torque starter for Chevy small and big block applications includes mounting hardware and shim kit


    Always safely support the vehicle and disconnect the negative battery cable before working on the starter.

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