Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

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    Eastwood's own MIG 135 Welder: as good as the "name brands", but at a fraction of the price!

    As a home hobbyist or light fabricator, you don't need to spend more for a "brand name" industrial MIG welder. Our R&D guys developed the Eastwood MIG 135 Welder from scratch to produce excellent bead quality and capabilities that match—and even exceed—the more expensive MIG welders for sale!

    • Welds mild and stainless steel, 24-ga. to 1/4"
    • 25-135-amp welding range
    • Tweco-Style Gun and Consumables
    • Powered by standard 120v household current
    • Ships with regulator and hose for MIG welding. Can also be used for Flux-Core welding.
    • Compare to similar welders that sell for over $500
    • Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return policy and 3-year warranty. Try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund!

    About Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

    MIG 135 welder is designed for the home hobbyist and light fabricator. Welder comes complete (except for the gas cylinder) and ready to weld 24-gauge to 1/4" mild steel and stainless. Welder has a 20% duty cycle at 90 amps, and 25-135-amp welding range. Feeds wire at 39"-468" per minute, and has infinitely adjustable wire speed and heat settings. Includes a precision-drive motor, regulator with hose, wire, tips and other MIG welding equipment...just add your own cylinder of CO2/Argon. "Quick Set" weld chart specifies settings for each material thickness, eliminating guesswork and assuring complete penetration and flawless welds. Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return policy and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

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    MIG 135 Welder (57 lbs.)
    0.023" Steel MIG Wire
    Extra 0.023" Contact Tip
    Gas Regulator with hose
    Tweco-Style Gun and Consumables
    Switchable Drive Roller
    8' Ground Cable and Gun Cable
    Wire Brush
    Welding Face Shield
    3-Year “No Hassle” Warranty


    Output Amperage Range: 25-135 A
    Maximum Output No Load Voltage: 28 V DC
    Maximum Input Amperage: 20 Amp
    Input Voltage: 120 VAC 60 Hz
    Rated Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 A
    Wire Feed Rate: 40-450 IPM
    Welding Wire Spool Sizes: 4-8 in
    Weight: 56 Lbs. (25kg)
    Overall Dimensions: 16.5” (408 mm) x 9.6” (244 mm) x 14.5” (367 mm)
    Wire Type & Diameter: Solid 0.023-0.030in (0.6-0.8mm), Stainless 0.023-0.030in (0.6-0.8mm), Flux Cored 0.030-0.035in (0.8-0.9mm)


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    Always wear a minimum #10 shade helmet, leather welding gloves, long-sleeve shirt and long pants.


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    Welding steel, stainless metals: this unit welds 20- and 18-gauge body panels beautifully. The amperage and output voltage can be controlled precisely to get the proper penetration required. The wire speed can be infinitely adjusted also to gain proper wire fill in the weld pool. This unit has been compared to the leading U.S.-manufactured red welders with equal results at a fraction of the cost. The drive roll mechanism, the heart of any MIG welder, is designed to our specifications and delivers flawless wire feed without skipping or slipping on the wire.

    Accessories & Consumables

    Replacement Parts
    12211 Contact Tip 0.023
    12224 Contact Tip 0.030
    12226 MIG Wire 0.023
    12227 MIG Wire 0.030
    12225 Flux Wire 0.030
    12239 Drive Roller
    12210 Tweco-Style Nozzle

    TIG Welding Cart
    Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    Welding Jacket
    Large View Auto Darkening Helmet
    Welding Gloves

    Contact Tip, 0.023 Inch
    Contact Tip, .030 Inch
    MIG Wire, 0.023 Inch
    MIG Wire, .030 Inch
    Flux Cored Wire 0.030 Inch
    MIG Nozzle

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    Awesome Welder, Great Design (Posted on 8/22/2010)
    Review by Mike
    Welder worked awesome, the variable temp setting is soooo much nicer then the competition for less then Half the Price. Welder made very nice Beads, and very easy to setup and use. Delivery was prompt and packaged very nicely... even used the foam padding to lay on under the car, more comfortable then the concrete floor.
    Good unit Great price. (Posted on 8/18/2010)
    Review by bruce
    Just watch the online video for assemble. The written instructions are very poor. The unit as a whole is very good. I have been practicing my welds and they look neat and clean. I have just been using the Flux core wire for now but will go to the bottle next week. You can order the welder with the cart for only $20 more. This wasn't offered when I ordered mine, but it would be well worth that extra 20. You can't go wrong on this welder.
    awesome unit great price (Posted on 7/28/2010)
    Review by Justin
    I'v only used it a few times but it does a great job
    Initial observations (Posted on 7/28/2010)
    Review by chuckput
    I received this welder as a Father's Day gift but did not actually gain physical possession until over a month later due to a backordered cart. Panel fit on the welder was poor though the finish was great. It is a great looking unit. The cart is a good addition, but you are not able to open the side panel to access the wire without tilting the welder to clear the cart's shelf lip. The trigger leads which plug in inside the welder were too short and I had to extend them to reach. The roll of wire that came with the unit was .030" flux core instead of the indicated .023" solid wire (a minor inconvenience except I had already went out and bought a spool of flux core so that I could weld heavier material).

    I have not actually welded with the unit yet (vacation got in the way). I will write an additional review once I get some actual welding under my belt.
    OVERALL GOOD UNIT (Posted on 7/23/2010)
    Review by FISH61
    GREAT WELDER MACHINE (Posted on 7/15/2010)
    Review by chacal
    i work in the industrial field as a maintenance mechanic/electric and i,m familiar with large brand welders and this one is very good welder machine especially with infinite adjustment. I love it..
    great for the moeny (Posted on 6/2/2010)
    Review by bowersM
    This is a good welder for a great price and comes well packaged. Great buy!
    great machine works better than my 220 machine (Posted on 6/1/2010)
    Review by K
    great little unit - it works better than my bigger 220 volt machine .
    Money well spent (Posted on 6/1/2010)
    Review by Chuck
    Easy to follow instructions on set up and operating. I feel confident after only a few attempts on my welding.
    Good buy (Posted on 5/28/2010)
    Review by Dudley
    Having some welding experience I found this unit to be worth the money as it works great for welding up brackets, and custom mounts.
    For the money it's hard to beat.

    Items 161 to 170 of 172 total

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