Eastwood MIG Welder 175 Amp with Spool Gun

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    Eastwood's MIG 175 Welder: "high-end" features at a DIY price! As a professional or weekend enthusiast, you can now get industrial-quality features in a hard-workin', affordable, MIG welder! Our R&D guys designed the Eastwood MIG 175 Welder (12012) for steel and aluminum to produce excellent bead quality and capabilities that match—and even exceed—the more expensive other MIG welders for sale!

    • Welds mild and stainless steel, 24-ga. to 5/16"
    • Welds aluminum, 14-ga. to 1/4" with included FREE spool gun ($199.99 value!)
    • 30-175-amp welding range
    • Ships with regulator and hose for optimum MIG welding. Can also be used for Flux-Core welding.
    • Powered by 220v current
    • Compare to similar welders that sell for over $700
    • ETL Approved
    • Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return policy and 3-year warranty. Try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund!

    About Eastwood MIG Welder 175 Amp with Spool Gun

    MIG 175 welder is designed for the professional or weekend enthusiast. The welder comes complete (except for the gas cylinder) and ready to weld 24-gauge to 5/16" mild steel and stainless, plus 14-ga. to 1/4" aluminum. This high-quality MIG welding machine has a 30% duty cycle at 135 amps, and 30-175-amp welding range. Feeds wire at 58"-471" per minute, and has infinitely adjustable wire speed and heat settings. Includes a precision-drive motor, regulator with hose, spool gun (to weld aluminum, 19-gauge to 1/4" plate), wire, tips and accessories...just add your own cylinder of CO2/Argon. "Quick Set" weld chart specifies settings for each material thickness, eliminating guesswork and assuring complete penetration. Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return policy and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


    MIG 175 Welder (89 lbs.)
    Spool Gun with 9' cable (works with 2-lb. wire spools only)
    MIG Wire 0.030
    Aluminum Wire 0.030
    Gas Regulator with hose
    8' Ground Clamp
    8' Gun Cable
    3-Year “No Hassle” Warranty


    Rated Electrical Input: 210-240 VAC; 50-60Hz; 22AMP
    Max Voltage at No Load: 20 V DC
    Rated Duty Cycle: 130A@30% duty cycle
    Wire Feed Rate: 4.9 Ft/min – 39.3 Ft/min
    Wire Sizes: 0.025”(0.6mm) – 0.030”(0.8mm) mig wire or 0.030”(0.8mm) – 0.035” Flux core wire
    Welding Wire Spool: 4” and 8” spool
    Weight: 62.0Lbs (24.5kg)
    Overall Dimensions: 24.4 (620mm) x 12.6” (320mm) x 16.9 (430mm)


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    Always wear a minimum #10 shade helmet, leather welding gloves and long sleeve shirt and long pants.


    3-year manufacturer's warranty.

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    Amperage and output voltage can be controlled precisely to get the proper penetration required. Wire speed can be infinitely adjusted to gain proper wire fill in the weld pool. This unit has been compared to the leading U.S.-manufactured red welders, with equivalent results at a fraction of the cost. The drive roll mechanism which is the heart of any MIG welder is designed to our specifications and delivers flawless wire feed without skipping or slipping on the wire.

    Accessories & Consumables


    12211 Contact Tip 0.023
    12224 Contact Tip 0.030
    12226 MIG Wire 0.023
    12227 MIG Wire 0.030
    12225 Flux Wire 0.030
    12239 Drive Roller
    12210 Tweco-Style Nozzle


    Welding Cart
    Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    Welding Jacket
    Large View Auto Darkening Helmet
    Welding Gloves

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    finally got to use the MIG 175 (Posted on 9/12/13)
    Review by Andrew
    the unit worked great . the infinitely adjustable
    heat settings make it easy to fine tune the
    weld . I assembled the cart as instructed but
    before I put the unit on the shelf , while I was
    threading the wire thru the whip I took a picture of the chart with my digital camera
    and made an 8x10 of it and put it in a zip
    lock bag. the only inconvenience is when
    I have to change wire or major settings .
    weld quality is on par with the suitcase
    millers we used at the local shipyard I
    worked at before I retired . I would recomend
    this unit to anyone .
    Can't beat it for the price! (Posted on 8/9/13)
    Review by Brian
    Have only used it a little so far, but will be using this welder quite a bit. It works better than a friend of mines high dollar "BLUE" machine. Easy adjustment of wire feed and heat. I'm always a little cautious when you see something that says it will perform as good as the high dollar machines. This time it seems to be correct.
    AMAZING WELDER (Posted on 7/27/13)
    Review by Jacob
    ive used many welders of the last 8 years. this Eastwood welder is by far the best ive ever used. ill agree that the Lincolns and Miilers are the same quality, but the dial for the voltage / wire speed rather than the others that just have a selector is what really makes them better. very high quality, and you cant beat the price. comes with everything youll need except the gas. the spool gun is very nice, and came with aluminum wire also. im in the process of replacing rocker panels, and this is where the dials really shined. the spot welds worked good, but when i was welding the panels to the old thin metal, the best setting was right in the middle of B and C settings. it was still strong enough to penetrate, but not blow through. i also highly recommend the Spot Weld Kit. that thing is really really nice to use for body work. all in all i see no reason for anyone to pay the big bucks for the "name brand" welders, when you can get the eastwwod welders at a much better price. and the quality is outstanding also.
    Works great (Posted on 7/26/13)
    Review by Tracy
    I'm just a back yard mechanic and hobbyist and always wanted my own welder so I decided to pull the trigger on this one and so far it's worked fantastic. No problems at all and I can lay down a bead with the best of them. Since I lack experience the settings guide sure came in handy. I have built several small projects and just last week my lawnmower broke a part on the deck right in the middle of mowing. Had it welded back together and back running in less than 1/2 hr. How did I ever make it all those yrs. without a welder! I have a buddy who's a professional welder and even he was impressed with it.
    Great Value... (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Review by Thomas
    Bought the MIG 175 and Versacut 40 package and you really can't be this package for the price. I've been taxing the MIG 175 with a roll cage I'm installing in my race car and it is handling the task with ease. The plasma cutter has also been used a lot but not quite as much as the welder. But, every time I ask for it to cut, it does its job. No issues...yet.

    The only cons I'veI noticed were that one of the contacts for the trigger connection had to be pulled out a little bit as it had fallen back due to being loose and the air regulator is a little chinsy
    Damn Good Welder!! (Posted on 6/29/13)
    Review by Albert
    Got the tank hooked up & No Problems (: Got to say I'm very happy. I've used Lincoln & Miller & I'm very impressed With Eastwood.. Great for my Backyard Projects.. Don't forget consumables...
    Worked good for the first project! (Posted on 6/19/13)
    Review by SteveO
    The welder worked good for the first project that I built but after that I am constantly fighting the gun attachment to the machine. It's losing the conductivity so I have to keep pushing the fitting into the machine to get a bead to run, very annoying especially for a brand new machine. If it's doing this at a week old how will it be in a year? The worse part is that I can't get anybody to call me back so I can get a new part sent to me. Customer service seems to be a BIG problem with Eastwood, this is my third issue with a product, the first went unresolved because they just didn't care, the second issue got resolved after five calls and a manager finally helped me and now this more expensive item doesn't work and I'm already two calls in with NO response! Are you listening Eastwood?
    I'm not a whiner either, I've been welding for over 35 years and I know when something isn't right.
    outstanding (Posted on 6/14/13)
    Review by Gene
    bought for body and aluminum welding to replace my old wire welder. Works outstanding for me and recommend it to anyone for hobby and or repair work needing done.
    Great Customer Service (technical Support) (Posted on 5/28/13)
    Review by DOUG
    I bought this welder almost one year ago, June 2012. At the time, I did not have the money to buy a bottle of gas, so I used it a couple of times for flux core. I hate flux core welding so I just didn't use it anymore. Last month I finally got some gas to use with it, and guess what, the gas valve is stuck open. When the bottle is opened, and machine is on, the gas flows non stop. I called tech support, and had to leave a message. They called me back and said "oh yeah, that's no big deal. We can either send you a new gas solenoid and walk you through changing it out, or we can just send you a brand new welder." I said send me the welder!! Only hiccup was when customer service called to arrange to send me a new welder, the lady was kinda rude, and demanded that I send the old one back BEFORE she would send me the new one. After I explained to her multiple times that I had no boxes, and no way to send the old one back first, without spending 20 or 30 bucks on boxes, she put me on hold, and after a few minutes came back being very nice, and said "ok, just let me know when you get the new one, and we'll arrange to have the old one picked up." I got the new one, It works great, they picked up the old one, and I am very satisfied. If you're considering one of these, there's no need to worry about whether or not Eastwood will stand behind it.

    Glad i made this choice. (Posted on 5/17/13)
    Review by Eric
    bought the mig 175 w/ spool gun to weld aluminum with . I have only used it a few times and i worked it pretty hard, so far i have no complaints. it puts out a good weld. i was thinking of going with the Hobart machine im glad that i made the choice to buy this one. I do think the cd video they sent with it needs to be for the same machine and maybe a little welding instructions to get started.

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