Eastwood After Blast - Metal Prep

    Item #11971ZP Brand: Eastwood


    Use "After Blast" after blasting or sanding metal, then paint, prime or powder-coat After Blast cleans, degreases and etches just-blasted or newly-sanded metal to improve adhesion for painting, priming or powder-coating.
    • Spray, wipe and repeat until clean
    • Aqueous cleaners and phosphoric acid clean and etch the metal
    • Zinc phosphate coating improves paint, primer or powder adhesion
    • Also protects against flash corrosion

    About Eastwood After Blast - Metal Prep

    After Blast is designed to clean, degrease and etch freshly blasted or sanded metal prior to painting or powder coating. Use with a plastic spray bottle to liberally apply to the part, wipe and reapply until all contaminants are removed. The blend of aqueous cleaners and phosphoric acid properly cleans, etches the metal and leaves a zinc phosphate coating that is excellent for paint, primer or powder adhesion. Also protects the metal from flash corrosion for extended periods. Use on all your fresh cast iron, steel or aluminum components.


    1 gallon


    Use after abrasive, soda blasting or sanding/grinding operations to assure of a clean paint ready metal surface.


    Use in well ventilated area and wear rubber gloves


    made in USA 1 year shelf life


    Use on cast iron steel and aluminum to clean and properly etch the metal for coatings. The phosphoric acid will etch the metal and provide an excellent surface etch for paint adhesion. Use on frames, sheet metal engine blocks and suspension components after blasting. Do not apply to painted surfaces, chrome, plastic or glass.

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    Effective but potent! (Posted on 8/7/2010)
    Review by slotef
    This stuff works as advertised. Spray outside where ventilated. Tends to remove galvanized coating that my bead blast won't lift, so be careful. Also bubbles and gets hot when spraying on magnesium parts. I'm not being negative - this stuff is just strong. >^..^<
    Expensive but works well. (Posted on 7/7/2010)
    Review by Desoto61
    I've been blasting parts for my restoration, but am not ready to prime/paint/powder coat them till I have a batch ready.
    I tried Metal Wash afterwards and it worked but not perfectly. I would still get some flash rust in spots.
    This works a lot better for protecting the metal afterward though it's slow. The fumes are very potent, even in an open garage they're strong. Use outside or with a mask.
    A little goes a long way, I have a spray bottle with it in and just a light application is sufficient, and I usually only need one.
    The parts I've done have been sitting in high humidity heat for a week or two with no signs of flash rust.
    Still, it's not cheap for something they want you to apply liberally, but it does seem to work.
    I have yet to see how it affects top coats as I'm not ready to paint or powder any of the parts yet.
    Remove and prevent flash rusting! (Posted on 6/24/2010)
    Review by Dave
    I bought After Blast as it was advertised to clean and stop flash rusting after media blasting, grinding and stripping. I was stripping my 73 Challenger and was having problems with flash rust, especially in the high humidity Houston area.

    To my surprise, this product cleaned the metal extremely well. Alll the rust, even in small scratches, was removed. I've been using a cleaning disk to remove paint and Bondo, and the swirls in the metal left by the disks seem to be removed by After Blast. The metal actually LOOKS really clean, too!

    I was a little concerned that one jug of After Blast wasn't going to be enough for my entire car, but I was pleasantly surprised at how far just a little went. I can now use that extra bottle I bought to clean small parts before refinishing as well!

    Overall, exceeded my expectations and I actually glad I bought this product, and I think you will be too!

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