Blue Pearl Basecoat Gallon

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    Blue Pearl Basecoat adds the superior durability of urethane to the ease of conventional basecoats Blue Pearl Basecoat Kit is a low-VOC system, so it meets regulatory limits in highly-regulated areas, eliminating the need to switch to a waterborne system.
    • Apply a durable urethane finish wherever you live in the continental US, even CA
    • Choose a fast, medium or slow Low-VOC Activator below
    • Mixes 4:1 with your activator choice

    About Blue Pearl Basecoat Gallon

    Eastwood's innovative Low-VOC Urethane Basecoat Paint System combines the ease of use of conventional basecoats with the superior durability and unmatched performance of more modern urethane. If you combine the basecoat system with our Low-VOC Primers and Clears, you'll be able to apply a durable urethane finish to any car, anywhere in the continental U.S.

    Mixes 4:1 with Eastwood's Universal Low-VOC Urethane Activator (included; select Fast, Medium or Slow).
    Due to regulations pertaining to recycling, we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.


    Blue Pearl Urethane Basecoat, 1 gallon
    Low-VOC Urethane Activator, 1 qt. (your choice of Fast, Medium or Slow)


    10041Z PRE Painting Prep
    50300ZP Low-VOC Gray Urethane Primer
    12817 Paint Gun Accessory Kit
    12846Z Aerosol-Injected Cleaner
    50104ZP Zero-VOC Urethane Paint Reducer
    20472 Air Management System
    12776 Evolution Paint Gun


    Use Eastwood's PRE Painting Prep to prep surface and remove all traces of contaminants. Sand existing finish with 400-600-grit abrasive. Clean surface again. Mix 4:1 with appropriate-speed activator. Reduction not necessary. Shake well. Use HVLP 1.2mm-1.4mm gun nozzle size. Apply in 2 medium wet coats with 50% overlap. Allow 10 minutes flash time between each coat. Clear coat can be applied after 20-30 minutes. Maximum recoat time is 18 hours; otherwise surface must abraded with 400-600-grit.


    Always wear appropriate eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific precautions and warnings .VOC = 3.5 lbs./gallon.

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    Blue Pearl Basecoat (Posted on 4/11/2014)
    Review by Daniel
    Sprayed a gallon on my Mustang restore. Had to sand it back off because it had small cracks over the entire surface after it dried. The labor in repairing this job is 20x the value of this paint.
    Awesome color, metallic a trick for 1st time shooter (Posted on 4/6/2014)
    Review by Chris
    I am a first time shooter, I bought all the right equipment, a 60 Gal compressor, Eastwood Concours gun. The paint sprays very well with the 1.4 tip as suggested with about 27 PSI at the gun. My first attempt I had alot of darker stripes from too low of an air pressure (I had the regulator at 23) I also found shaking the gun between blasts and make sure you stir the paint each time before you mix and before you pour into the cup.

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