Eastwood TIG Welder 200 Amp AC/DC

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    Eastwood TIG 200 Welder...industrial TIG features at a DIY price The specially engineered 200-amp Eastwood TIG Welder offers affordable, professional-quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel (sheet, tube or bar stock), and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials up to 1/4" thick.

    • Operates on either 110vAC, 15-amp circuit or 220vAC, 30-amp circuit
    • 1/4"-thick welding capacity
    • High-frequency start for precise arc control
    • Square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding
    • "WP-17"-type torch accepts common cups and collets, up to 1/8" electrodes
    • Duty cycle: 45% at 150 amps
    • Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return policy and 3-year warranty. Try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund!
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    About Eastwood TIG Welder 200 Amp AC/DC

    Eastwood TIG200 200AMP welder features an AC/DC switch that allows both steels and aluminum to be welded with the same machine. With a 14' torch and a 10' ground cable, you'll be able to get into any space with this exceptional welding machine. It has pre- and post-flow adjustment knobs to protect your weld and torch. It even has a foot pedal to control amperage so you can get going quickly, without the need to dial-in the machine for a specific material. Powered through a NEMA50 plug.

    Automatically switches from 110v to 220v depending on input. Infinitely adjustable foot pedal and amperage control allow accurate aluminum welding, and adjustable pre- and post-gas flow results in proper arc starting, stabilization and bead cool-down. Thumb control overrides the foot pedal for out-of-position welding, or when bench welding is not an option. This exceptional Eastwood TIG Welder is backed by Eastwood's no-hassle 3-year warranty. Try it for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied, simply return it.


    TIG200 Unit
    Shielding Gas Regulator
    Shielding Gas Hose
    Ground Cable with Clamp, 10'
    TIG Torch (17 Series), 14'
    Foot Pedal for Amperage Control
    110v-to-200v Adapter Plug
    Instruction Manual
    Handheld Shield
    #7 Cup (7/16"), #6 Cup (3/8"), #5 Cup (5/16")
    Long Back Cap, Short Back Cap
    3/32" Collet Body, 3/32" Collet, 1/16" Collet, 2.0mm Collet
    Thoriated Tungsten (2.0mm Red)


    Input Voltage: Single-Phase 110vAC or 220vAC (±15%) @ 50-60Hz
    Input Amperage: 28 amps
    Output Amperage: 10-200 amps AC/DC
    No-Load Voltage: 51
    AC Duty Cycle (%): 20-80 (80% at 100 amps, 20% at 200 amps)
    Post Gas Flow: 2-8 sec.
    Pre Gas Flow: 0.1-1.0 sec.
    Remote Foot Pedal And Control: Yes
    Efficiency: 80%
    Cleaning/clearance effect (AC balance control) is adjustable to provide wider cleaning with shallow penetration to narrow cleaning with deeper penetration. Changing electrode from EN (electrode negative) to EP (electrode positive).

    Frequency is fixed at 60Hz, which provides a little wider bead but with good penetration for aluminum and magnesium.

    Inverter and MOSFET technology offer optimum performance at a very affordable price.


    Always wear an approved welding helmet and welding gloves. Do not use around flammable materials. Do not open machine; there are no user-serviceable parts inside.


    Click here for warranty


    Click here for instructions

    Accessories & Consumables


    1/6 Inch Collet Body
    3/32 Inch Collet Body
    TIG Torch Rear Back Cap
    3/8 Inch Diameter Ceramic Nozzle for TIG-200
    7/16 Inch Diameter Ceramic Nozzle for TIG-200
    1/16 Inch Diameter Torch Collet for TIG-200
    3/32 Inch Diameter Torch Collet for TIG-200
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of ER70S-2 TIG Wire
    3/32 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of ER70S-2 TIG Wire
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 4043 Aluminum TIG Wire
    3/32 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 4043 Aluminum TIG Wire
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 308L Stainless Steel TIG Wire
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 308L Stainless Steel TIG Wire
    3/32 Inch Diameter 2 Piece Green Tungsten for Steel
    1/16 Inch Diameter 2 Piece Red Tungsten for Steel
    3/32 Inch Diameter 2 Piece Red Tungsten for Steel
    2 Pack Stainless Steel Scratch Brush


    TIG Welding Cart
    Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    Welding Jacket
    Large View Auto Darkening Helmet
    Welding Gloves

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    Great value, fast reasonable shipping (Posted on 10/27/2012)
    Review by Siggy
    I was schepital buying but I know Eastwood has a good rep so I went for it, glad I did. I bought so I could fab aluminum; I am already making money with this; just finished repairing a cracked head. I ordered on a Wednesday and it was delivered Fedex on Saturday ($59 for this and the Plasma cutter) not bad.
    Great Tig (Posted on 10/13/2012)
    Review by capetex
    I used this tig and it works great. I would tell you buy this tig if you need one. Plus it works on 120volts and also 220 volts.
    Excellent Welder Excellent Price Excellent Service! (Posted on 10/11/2012)
    Review by Jim
    We are a small firearms manufacturer and need a Tig to weld up old holes in Saiga receivers when we are doing conversions and building these guns. We had an old unit that crapped out on us last week and have a large backlog of weapons needing to be welded. It was killing us to think about dropping 3k or more on a new welder and the cheap options out there just didn't have the control we need. Then I found Eastwood. I know the name is quality, the welder had the options we needed, and the price was well within our budget. The only thing that was concerning was the delivery time. We just couldn't wait weeks for it to get here. Well that was not an issue. We placed the order on Thursday morning and the welder was delivered the next Tuesday! We couldn't have expected any faster service!
    The quality of the welds is outstanding, as good as any from a machine costing 1000's more. We would not hesitate to buy from this company again. Thanks for the fantastic service and great product!

    The guys at
    DNS Guns & Suppressors
    St. Petersburg, FL
    Not Dissapointed (Posted on 6/25/2012)
    Review by Paul_Thistle
    I have shopped and shopped for a tig welder. Used and new, I just could not bring myself to part with the 3k and up price. When I saw the TIG200 it seemed to good to be true for the price. But with a money back guaranty, I gave it a try.
    Welding aluminum on motorcycles is why I purchased this welder. After some practice I welded a patch on a silencer and it worked great! It starts easily and is very easy to control. The instructions with the machine are easy to understand.
    I am very satisfied with my purchase. It does everything I expected, and at an awesome price.
    Great welder at a great price! (Posted on 6/22/2012)
    Review by Danny
    Like most, I went out on a limb branching away from the well-known Miller and Lincoln welders (of which I also have) and decided to purchase the Eastwood Tig200. I was even more skeptical after receiving my first welder and quickly returning it due to a fault in the unit (it would immediately trip to overload simply switching it on). However, I would like to point out that the customer service was excellent. I called and without any questions Eastwood immediately shipped a brand new unit which arrived in just a few days. Fast forward over a year later and a number of gas tanks and this thing keeps on flawlessly welding. It is a smooth welding machine with simple controls to quickly get down to welding. I've welding everything from mild steel, tool steel, 4130, stainless and even aluminum with no issues. Definitely a great machine and at a price that's hard to beat!!!
    Really not bad! (Posted on 6/20/2012)
    Review by Wino
    I've had this welder for 2 months now, i made some really nice welds on steel, alum. and stainless (down to 24 gauge). The performance is there. quality, so far so good. If eastwood will back it up, then i'd have no problem buying this product again. Don't expect a welder your going to run all day, every day. It's just not that kind of machine.
    Eastwood stands behind their tig welder (Posted on 5/29/2012)
    Review by Thomas
    as well as purchasing eastwoods plasma cutter i bought in the combo package they are offering with a cart it is money well spent. i read its reviews and researched this item. what i came up with was either it works out of the box or it doesn't. i was bummed out when i got mine and the torch hose had a collapsed section and kinked everytime u moved the torch and the wires for the foot petal were melted and i havent even used it yet. i called eastwood and told them their was a problem with the attachments and they rushed me out new parts asap no questions asked. no hassle. once i got my parts i hooked up a argon tank and bought a tube of rod and away i went. as a mig and stick welder and never tig'ed before its a breeze to use. i own a body shop and i use the plasma cutter and tig welder almost everyday. never fails. amazing for welding patch panels especially thin body panels. havent tried thick metal or aluminum but i can only imagine how good this thing works.
    I stick welded for an hour ten years ago. That was easy, and tig can be just as easy. (Posted on 5/26/2012)
    Review by mp112212
    Got my tig. Followed "instructions", Hooked up a bottle of argon. Put two pieces of 0.25 in thick carbon steel together and went at it. 120v and 180 amps stuck them together enough that a 20# sledge swingig as hard as i could would not bust the weld. No filler rod used either. will have to update you when i break it hydraulically. No problems with trigger or foot start. Can't wait till i run it on 220v. Gas flow seemed consitent. Not too shabby for a total novice when it come to inert gas welding. For a do it yourselfer, in the home garage. It does its job so far. I will post again when i try some aluminum, ss, maybe a little hasteloy, and some more exotic metal...I will say that most problems people complain about this tig can be fixed no problem by anyone with just a little bit of mechanical skills and common sense.
    Awesome Tig Welder (Posted on 4/2/2012)
    Review by jjhdtec
    I got to say this Tig welder is Awesome! I have been only tig welding for about 6 classes so far. We use the Miller 350 at school, Nice unit. But I can do just as well with the Tig 200. My instructor was impressed with my work I bring from home. He can't believe it was only $899. Just about every night I spend an hour welding scrap together. I found out one of the most important thing is to be able to see the start of the puddle. I have pretty good eyes. I put a 2.50 magnifier in my helment and it was amazing how much better I started to weld. Tri it !!
    awsome tig (Posted on 2/1/2012)
    Review by John
    I purchased this tig after lots of research, bought it and recieved it in 2 days. Ive never tig welded before, but have expierince with mig and stick, got it hooked up and was welding aluminium like a pro in 10 minutes, I would definrtly recommend this welder to anyone.

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