Eastwood TIG Welder 200 Amp AC/DC

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    Eastwood TIG 200 Welder...industrial TIG features at a DIY price The specially engineered 200-amp Eastwood TIG Welder offers affordable, professional-quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel (sheet, tube or bar stock), and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials up to 1/4" thick.

    • Operates on either 110vAC, 15-amp circuit or 220vAC, 30-amp circuit
    • 1/4"-thick welding capacity
    • High-frequency start for precise arc control
    • Square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding
    • "WP-17"-type torch accepts common cups and collets, up to 1/8" electrodes
    • Duty cycle: 45% at 150 amps
    • Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return policy and 3-year warranty. Try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund!
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    About Eastwood TIG Welder 200 Amp AC/DC

    Eastwood TIG200 200AMP welder features an AC/DC switch that allows both steels and aluminum to be welded with the same machine. With a 14' torch and a 10' ground cable, you'll be able to get into any space with this exceptional welding machine. It has pre- and post-flow adjustment knobs to protect your weld and torch. It even has a foot pedal to control amperage so you can get going quickly, without the need to dial-in the machine for a specific material. Powered through a NEMA50 plug.

    Automatically switches from 110v to 220v depending on input. Infinitely adjustable foot pedal and amperage control allow accurate aluminum welding, and adjustable pre- and post-gas flow results in proper arc starting, stabilization and bead cool-down. Thumb control overrides the foot pedal for out-of-position welding, or when bench welding is not an option. This exceptional Eastwood TIG Welder is backed by Eastwood's no-hassle 3-year warranty. Try it for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied, simply return it.


    TIG200 Unit
    Shielding Gas Regulator
    Shielding Gas Hose
    Ground Cable with Clamp, 10'
    TIG Torch (17 Series), 14'
    Foot Pedal for Amperage Control
    110v-to-200v Adapter Plug
    Instruction Manual
    Handheld Shield
    #7 Cup (7/16"), #6 Cup (3/8"), #5 Cup (5/16")
    Long Back Cap, Short Back Cap
    3/32" Collet Body, 3/32" Collet, 1/16" Collet, 2.0mm Collet
    Thoriated Tungsten (2.0mm Red)


    Input Voltage: Single-Phase 110vAC or 220vAC (±15%) @ 50-60Hz
    Input Amperage: 28 amps
    Output Amperage: 10-200 amps AC/DC
    No-Load Voltage: 51
    AC Duty Cycle (%): 20-80 (80% at 100 amps, 20% at 200 amps)
    Post Gas Flow: 2-8 sec.
    Pre Gas Flow: 0.1-1.0 sec.
    Remote Foot Pedal And Control: Yes
    Efficiency: 80%
    Cleaning/clearance effect (AC balance control) is adjustable to provide wider cleaning with shallow penetration to narrow cleaning with deeper penetration. Changing electrode from EN (electrode negative) to EP (electrode positive).

    Frequency is fixed at 60Hz, which provides a little wider bead but with good penetration for aluminum and magnesium.

    Inverter and MOSFET technology offer optimum performance at a very affordable price.


    Always wear an approved welding helmet and welding gloves. Do not use around flammable materials. Do not open machine; there are no user-serviceable parts inside.


    Click here for warranty


    Click here for instructions

    Accessories & Consumables


    1/6 Inch Collet Body
    3/32 Inch Collet Body
    TIG Torch Rear Back Cap
    3/8 Inch Diameter Ceramic Nozzle for TIG-200
    7/16 Inch Diameter Ceramic Nozzle for TIG-200
    1/16 Inch Diameter Torch Collet for TIG-200
    3/32 Inch Diameter Torch Collet for TIG-200
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of ER70S-2 TIG Wire
    3/32 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of ER70S-2 TIG Wire
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 4043 Aluminum TIG Wire
    3/32 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 4043 Aluminum TIG Wire
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 308L Stainless Steel TIG Wire
    1/16 Inch by 36 Inch 1 Pound Tube of 308L Stainless Steel TIG Wire
    3/32 Inch Diameter 2 Piece Green Tungsten for Steel
    1/16 Inch Diameter 2 Piece Red Tungsten for Steel
    3/32 Inch Diameter 2 Piece Red Tungsten for Steel
    2 Pack Stainless Steel Scratch Brush


    TIG Welding Cart
    Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    Welding Jacket
    Large View Auto Darkening Helmet
    Welding Gloves

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    Dont waste your money (Posted on 3/18/14)
    Review by Eric
    Sounds good but not worth it. It broke after 3 days, constantly overheats and would put out close to 200 amp. Save up and buy a miller.
    Happy TIG Rookie... (Posted on 2/21/14)
    Review by Lawrence
    I’m just a weekend hobbyist/hack with a little acetylene and arc/flux-core experience and zero TIG training, so I had no idea what to expect and can’t directly compare the Eastwood with others in this price range, let alone the big heavier-duty commercial machines. I bought my Eastwood AC/DC TIG machine straight from Eastwood (shipping was so fast it takes your breath away) and so far am quite satisfied … Like many other newbies I did a bunch of online research (as much as one can when they know little about the subject), but with no formal training other than watching some TIG vids I was still pretty apprehensive and decided to base my choice primarily on Eastwood’s well-established name.

    I discovered the hand/eye coordination for the Eastman TIG is amazingly similar to gas, but as I expected it was a touch more demanding – and I’ve contaminated the tungsten so many times I’m afraid I’ve worn out the grinding wheel. Nonetheless, the arc-start mechanism is almost dirt-easy and even in a TIG rookie’s hands the Eastwood machine has produced creditable welds almost from the beginning, albeit not consistently owing to my novice competences. But no squawks so far, everything went right together out of the box (I broke with manly tradition and actually read the directions – twice!) and then dove right in with 4130 steel, which didn’t seem to present special challenges -- although a week later my skills still need improvement to say the least (and I’m still a ways from considering my welds airworthy).

    The machine has been consistent and reassuring (and I’ve had no reason to test the after-purchase service…). When I get everything in the hand/eye department correct I can achieve the coveted stacked-dimes bead (until I sneeze, hiccup, jiggle my hand or something… ugh). I haven’t yet tried the Eastwood TIG on aluminum, which is why I wanted an AC/DC machine, but so far the TIG learning curve has been encouraging and just a bit simpler than I anticipated.
    tig 200 and versa cut 40 (Posted on 12/19/13)
    Review by dan
    I stumbled a pon this product by accident looking for a tig welder. So I jumped on line to do some research before I commit to the purchase. After a whole day of Google and u tube I could not find nothing that could come close as far as value. I ordered the duo on Sunday night and fed ex was on my doorstep Wednesday morning. So shipping was also incredible. So by now I am so excited I can't see straight. So I unbox and lay a beer with the tig. This machine works great. No it doesn't have all the belt and whistles of some competitors like digital read out and pulse functions but as far as a tig machine this is as user friendly as it gets with less parts to go bad. Also busted out the plasma by this time I was shaking so bad I could not cut a straight line if I wanted too. I am ecstatic to have 2 tools in my shop now that I have been wanting for a long time but could not justify the expense. If these machines prove to be reliable I am one happy camper!
    Great Machine (Posted on 11/21/13)
    Review by Dave
    I am very happy with this machine. I am pleased with the results on the steel I have welded. Machine came with everything as advertised and in great working order. Fired right up and welds without any issues. Incredible machine for the price in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this unit.
    Good option for slow production fabrication, or for the weekend warrior on a budget. (Posted on 11/16/13)
    Review by Ahumanwithgills
    Initially skeptical about the looks, but this first impression faded away as soon as I fired up the machine and did my very first pass over aluminum. Been welding aluminum with a Miller Spoolmatic 30 for at least 10 years, but needed the ability to do some more precise and cosmetic welding on thinner material. This machine does just that and I am still waiting for the duty cycle to kick in. Great value for someone on a tight budget involved in slow production fabrication, or for the weekend warrion. Just need to wait and see what the machine lifespan will throw into the "value" equation. For now, I am a happy camper with it.
    Decent (Posted on 11/8/13)
    Review by Mike
    I had to return my 1st-unit, because it wouldn't power-up, but Eastwood made-good on it. I would have given this 5-stars for quality other than that.

    My lower-stars for Price/Value is possibly a personal-thing, as I'm relatively new to Tig (but have been welding stupid-stuff for >20years). The Tig doesn't behave ANYTHING like Mig or Stick, it's closer to a weak plasma-cutter in operation... good in someways, not-so-good in others. If you're looking for that one "do-all" welder, don't even think about this TIG200, get yourself a MIG175 instead. My MIG175 is probably my most-favorite tool in my garage, kind-of a swiss army knife of welders. This TIG200 is more like a delicate-Ferrari than a monster-truck. This TIG200 does a great job on fine-detail, but you'll waste WAY-more consumables (gas, tungsten, rod) than you'd think; at-least I do versus my Mig. Also, I'm surprised (shocked) at how much the Tig heats-up the work, I wasn't expecting that at-all... so, you have to bounce-around making dinky-tacks all over the place so-as-not to heat up sheetmetal. Each time you touch that pedal or switch, you're throwing gas out... before AND after. So 20,000 spots later, you're out of gas (where you could have laid 1"-long MIG-beads constant before overheating the work). Cleanup is MUCH less for TIG than MIG, but I keep finding I have to go-back over work with the TIG after grinding, because it's too-low.

    This TIG has it's place, and in the hands of a professional it's probably a great piece of equipment, but it's not as versatile to me as my MIG175.
    Outstanding!! (Posted on 10/11/13)
    Review by Tonyfs
    I have wire welded, stick welded but never TIG. I just set up and used this TIG welder for the first time today. It arrived complete, it was easy to set up and the instructions, site videos were very good. I tried it on mild steel and was easy to manage the process. I still need puddling practice before I go to Aluminum. I would recommend this welder for light/medium work in their shop.
    Good Value (Posted on 9/3/13)
    Review by Dean
    Bought the TIG200 to replace a FIMER 160 TIG welder that I could not get repaired. I received it in 3 days. Put it all together and the gas regulator did not work. I used the regulator off my old TIG and started welding. I'm very impressed by the ease of use and quality of the welds. The welder is of good quality except for the gas regulator which has a cheap look and feel. . I'm not surprised it failed. They are sending me a new regulator but I think I'll stick with my old one.
    Competes with Welders at Higher Prices (Posted on 7/19/13)
    Review by Michael
    I have had the Tig200 for about 8 months now and have used it on steel, aluminium, and stainless all of varying thicknesses and have not complaints about the quailty of the welds it produces. I had an issue with the pedal but after speaking to Ed in the Tech department a new pedal was on its way to me no questions asked. Can't ask for better customer service!
    Competes with Welders at Higher Prices (Posted on 7/19/13)
    Review by Michael
    I have had the Tig200 for about 8 months now and have used it on steel, aluminium, and stainless all of varying thicknesses and have not complaints about the quailty of the welds it produces. I had an issue with the pedal but after speaking to Ed in the Tech department a new pedal was on its way to me no questions asked. Can't ask for better customer service!

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