The Filler Detective

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    The Filler Detective will find hidden body damage and body filler on a car, truck or motorcycle. It will tell you where it is, AND how deep it is.
    • Sound alert for location and depth of hidden previous damage
    • 9 Volt Duracell battery (included) operated,no charger to lose
    • Fits in standard shirt pocket
    • New technology, patent pending
    • Low battery indicator
    • 1 Year limited warranty
    • Protective Micro-fiber contact pad to prevent paint scratches
    • Includes Stainless steel belt clip, lanyard and screwdriver for battery cover
    • Portable verification plate for accuracy confirmation

    About The Filler Detective

    The Filler Detective will find hidden body damage and body filler on a car,truck or motorcycle. It will tell you where it is, AND how deep it is. THIS METER DOESN'T MISS. This is a one-button tool that lights up and sounds of when it detects exactly where the body filler is that was used to repair any damage. You can spot check the body of the vehicle, or safely slide it on the micro-fiber nose over a whole panel. The sound is detectable even in noisy environments such as auctions, car shows, or large crowds.Operates on a standard 9 volt battery, included.


    Hold the Filler Detective perpendicular to the surface to be tested, using the arrow for spotting, press button and move meter along the surface you are testing. When filler is spotted a sound will occur and the appropriate LED light will light up. GREEN- No Filler, BLUE- 1/16", YELLOW- 1/8"ORANGE- 3/16" and RED- 1/4" of body filler present Follow packaging instructions for more detailed operations and resetting.


    Do not use lacquer thinner or any aggressive agent to clean you Meter.This is a sensitive electronic device and should be cared for as such.For no-charge replacement protective strips, contact 310-832-8336

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    Great (Posted on 3/18/13)
    Review by Dennis
    Handy tool
    Works well and is accurate. (Posted on 6/12/11)
    Review by RacerX
    I tested this on a car with known filler spots. It was dead on with the areas that were thin and the ones that were thick. Getting the angle of the tool just right can be a little tricky - if it is reporting 1/16" of filler, rock the tool slightly to each side just to be sure.
    The only thing I would change about the product would be to get rid of the clumsy screwdriver used to change the battery and use that money to include a nice pouch to keep it and the verification plate in.

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