Hotcoat Powder Ford Dark Blue 2 lb

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    Hotcoat Powder Ford Dark Blue 2 lb

    About Hotcoat Powder Ford Dark Blue 2 lb

    All HotCoat Powders are exclusively formulated for the HotCoat System. They are optimized to promote static charge for uniform coverage and finish. All are UV and fuel resistant.

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    Hotcoat powder (Posted on 11/19/2011)
    Review by Minijoe
    Just on a hunch I tried this powder several years ago as I wanted a colour that would match the company colour, It turned out to be perfect, but best part now years later and having tried some discounted other powders is that this stuff is great, it flows and coats extremely well . Just remember the powder has a shelf life once opened, so storing it for years is a big no no, it ceases to flow and glow like it should.

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