Battery Tender Jr 6V

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    Deltran 6V Battery TenderĀ® Junior charges your 6V battery, then maintains it at a full charge while stored...won't overcharge Batteries in storage can lose significant capacity in just 12 to 20 days, depending on weather conditions and battery age. But unlike typical trickle chargers, this Deltran 6V Battery Tender Junior maintains the charge, without overcharging the battery that can cause permanent damage.
    • Just connect the alligator clips or easy-access hard-wire "pigtail", plug it in, and you're set!
    • Spark-free, with short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection
    • Output is 0.75 amps

    About Battery Tender Jr 6V

    Microprocessor is programmed to correctly charge your battery, then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode. Just connect the alligator clips or hard-wire "pigtail" to your battery terminals, plug it into a wall outlet, and it will maintain a constant 100% charge without damage. Spark-free and temperature-compensated, with short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection. Output is 0.75 amps. Lead length from the Deltran Battery Tender to clamps is 56". Comes with a limited 5-year Deltran warranty.


    The 6-volt Deltran Battery Tender Junior includes connectors for both automotive and motorcycle batteries, and instructions.


    Case temperature may reach 130 degreesF at low-battery charge levels.

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