Infrared Powder Curing Lamp 1800 Watts

    Item #10170 Brand: Eastwood


    Parts too big to cure in an oven? This Infrared Powder Curing Lamp can do the job in your shop or garage You're using our HotCoat Powdercoat System, but some of your parts require more space than inside a typical oven for curing. Or maybe you don't have a dedicated oven you can use strictly for powder-coating in your shop.
    • Infrared lamp sets-up on optional stand in minutes
    • Use in shop or garage
    • For small parts to large housings

    About Infrared Powder Curing Lamp 1800 Watts

    Our Infrared Powdercoat Cure Lamp will cure parts as small as bolts and brackets or as large as rear housings. Lamp can cure a 10" x 10" area at one time; simply move along the piece until complete.

    Light housing measures 12.25" wide x 9.5" high x 6" deep. Lamp can be tilted 45 degrees up or down. 10" arm connects the light to the optional stand and can be locked in any position on the optional stand from 1' to 6' above the floor. Unit is rated at 1800 watts, and requires a 120vAC 15-amp circuit. Replacement lamp 10170B.


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    Infrared Lamp
    Instructions with Cure Charts


    10171 6' Metal Stand
    11477 IR Thermometer
    10170B IR Replacement Element
    10180 IR Lamp Plus 6' Stand
    10190 IR Lamp, 6' Stand, Plus Dual-Voltage HotCoat Gun Starter Kit


    (Q) How often should the lamp be moved over the workpiece?
    (A) Refer to the included instruction booklet's cure charts to determine how frequently the light should be moved.

    (Q) What are some other tips?
    (A) Long parts are best cured by hanging vertically, working from the bottom up. An entire part should be powder-coated before the curing process begins. If the part has seams it can be coated and cured in sections.


    Do not focus the light on combustible materials. Do not operate the light unless it is securely attached to the supplied stand.

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    Once I got one that worked... Thanks UPS! (Posted on 3/13/2014)
    Review by Thomas
    So, Eastwood really has to reconsider using UPS for their shipping. Every time they deliver something, it's SMASHED. Eastwoods customer service is awesome, but UPS is the complete opposite. STOP USING THEM!

    Once you shipped me one that wasn't smashed, it worked great. Pumps out huge heat. Nice alternative to an oven.
    I highly reccomend this lamp (Posted on 1/19/2014)
    Review by Jack
    I have been powdercoating and using a toaster oven for my small work and it worked good however when it came to larger parts(gas tanks,frames) I needed something better and this is it. I have abandonded painting all together and it`s powdercoating from now on
    It works fine if youy have the time (Posted on 11/12/2012)
    Review by RD350
    This is a very affordable way to powder coat larger stuff! I got it to coat motorcycle frames and other larger parts my hang up is that when I look at the lamp I can't help but think "This thing is worth $340....?" as far as I can tell this is the only game in town for this price range and I'm guessing that is why it's going for a premium because it looks like something a good hobbyist could have built in his garage and I think that might be the case.

    Expect a motorcycle frame to take the better part of a day to cure. For the price of sending a frame to a shop for coating plus your time and effort it is almost paid for... If you are getting it for a one or two off project you might be better served by taking it to a shop but if you are a tinkerer this is a good investment but I would not use this for even small production runs.
    Works wonderful, affordable, convenient (for the most part) (Posted on 1/7/2010)
    Review by mbramel
    Ordered this on Dec 27th. Came the 30th by Fedex. Wonderful service. Mounted the lamp on my infratech 1500w 2x3 paint curing lamp stand. The lamp works great. Heats up really quick! When curing powder slowly ramp up the temperature ( distance to part) otherwise you will have peel like a florida grove. Can be a little bit ...intriguing figuring out the right angles to cure some parts. Some parts are a bit questionable like really deep dish wheels. But works great for flat objects like engine blocks, axle housings, suspension arms, etc. I cant afford to buy or make a walk in oven nor the electricity! So I dont mind one bit having to rotate or reposition parts to the lamp.
    Excellent Product (Posted on 10/29/2009)
    Review by Mike
    Little pricey, but it works excellent. Fantastic for curing my custom motorcycle frames and parts.

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