Eastwood Diamond Clear Semi-Gloss Satin/painted surfaces

    Item #10197Z Brand: Eastwood


    Diamond Clear™ for Painted Surfaces adds a semi-gloss/satin finish as it protects your vehicle's newly painted components Use Diamond Clear™ as a top coat for most cured lacquer and enamel paints. Special low-sheen formulation won't offset the "soft" OEM-like finishes of detail paints.
    • Semi-gloss satin finish
    • Resists chips, cracks, fading
    • Withstands up to 300 degreesF
    Buy 3 or more and SAVE!

    About Eastwood Diamond Clear Semi-Gloss Satin/painted surfaces

    You've detail-painted your vehicle's components. Now spend a few moments to protect your work. Detail Clear utilizes a special low-sheen formulation that won't offset the "soft" OEM-like finishes of detail paints. It dries fast and resists fading, chipping, cracking. Compatible with most thoroughly cured enamel and lacquer paints. Buy 3 or more and SAVE!


    One aerosol can 11 oz net wt.


    Only apply to cured surfaces. Buy 3 or more and SAVE!




    This coating can be applied over most coatings without causing mottling including the metallic finishes we sell. Dries to the touch in 5-10 minutes at humidity 77 degrees F. Fully cured in 48 hours at 77 degrees F at 50% humidity. 55-60% gloss. Can be recoated at any time @77 degrees or warmer, 50% or less humidity. Note: Dry times can vary considerably depending on the substrate being sprayed. The slowest dry time was found to be when sprayed on non-porous, non-treated hardwood, which can take up to 90 minutes to be tack free. Pencil hardness after 48 hour cure @77 degrees F is 6H to 8H.

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    Exactly What was needed (Posted on 4/15/2014)
    Review by Walter
    Used this product on a wheel repair job that required a satin/semimat finish to match the factory surface. After repairing the damage with matching titanium color paint 4 coats were applied with an airbrush to the area, using 00 steel wool inbetween coats. The result was a repair that was undetectable from 2 feet away in various light angles. Perfect!!
    Great product (Posted on 1/2/2012)
    Review by Hephaestus
    I used this over Krylon Fusion that I used over ABS motorcycle fairings and covers. Its gorgeous and easy to use. I've now painted everything but the tank. I don't know yet how well it behaves subjected to fuel spill. We'll see after my next test.

    I used 3-4 coats per surface. Takes about two cans per fairing. One can for smaller parts.

    Its a solid, thick satin clear, exactly as advertised. Drys for a good sand in about 15 min and finishes to a professional-looking finish in 24. Flexible enough not to crack under part flex stress. I will use it again and again.

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