Blast Media Glass Bead 50 lb

    Item #22023 Brand: Eastwood

    Heavyweight- Special shipping charges may apply.


    Glass Bead Blast Media: all-purpose abrasive for all types of metals, many plastics Glass bead blast media works best on softer metals like aluminum, brass and die-cast. Also works for paint, carbon and rust removal.
    • 70-100-grit size
    • Use at maximum 60 psi
    • 50-lb. bag
    • Meets mil spec MIL G9954A for size uniformity
    Blast Media Selection Chart

    About Blast Media Glass Bead 50 lb

    Ideal for cleaning pistons, engine blocks, and light rust removal with minimal dust.


    Be sure to wear appropriate NIOSH-approved respiratory protection.

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet

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