Eastwood Golden Cad Gold Base Step #1 12 oz

    Item #10331ZA


    The first step to replicating the look of golden cadmium plating This is the gold-color base that's the first step in the process that duplicates the look of golden cadmium plating at a fraction of the price of replacements or re-plating. For best results, follow with step 2 (Red Tint 10333Z) and step 3 (Green Tint 10334Z).
    • Superior acrylic enamel
    • Produces the natural yellow-cadmium gloss
    • Long-term corrosion protection

    About Eastwood Golden Cad Gold Base Step #1 12 oz

    Produces a natural 30% gloss on most parts (90%, if you decide to add the Diamond Clear Gloss topcoat, sold separately), while you avoid expensive genuine cadmium plating or replacement. Withstands temperatures up to 250 degreesF, and provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. 12-oz. aerosol can is enough to cover about 6 square feet.


    10331ZA Gold Base, 12-oz. aerosol


    10333Z Red Zinc Tint
    10334Z Green Zinc Tint
    10331Z Complete Golden Cad System (10331ZA, 10333Z, 10334Z)
    16014Z Self-Etching Primer
    16040Z Rust Encapsulator
    10200Z Diamond Clear Gloss for Bare Metal

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet

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    pretty good , better than just palin old black paint (Posted on 2/20/2011)
    Review by rzbacks
    I followed the instructions and it came out pretty good. Gold color was good and had that touch of red and green tint like it should.
    I did not expect it to look like a Gold Cad one ordered for $250 to $400 and it does not, however, it looks much better than just painted black or whatever.
    not good (Posted on 8/17/2009)
    Review by stan
    it didn't look very good. Kind of like mustard. Was not realistic looking.

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