Evercoat® Slick Sand Gallon

Evercoat® Slick Sand Gallon

Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2010):

This was the second gallon of Slick Sand I have purchased from Eastwood. You definitely want to spray this soon after receiving it as my first gallon sat on the shelf at my house for about 3 months and the solids had settled to a sludge in the bottom of the can. Get this stuff shaken by a paint shop if you can before using, or stir it really thoroughly.

Mixing was very straight forward, 1 Qt. to 1 tube of hardner. I found that even with my 2.3 tip HVLP gun, I had to thin with about 10% Acetone to get it to flow through my gun and spary out.

Some tips on shooting the product. Sand out your project to 180 grit (blocking) first. Spray a light tack coat and let it flash off, then follow up with wetter coats. I had a lot of sags and runs when I sprayed a wet coat on the first pass (could also be attributed to thinning it with Acetone).

Sand easily, just as promised.