Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

Product Review (submitted on July 4, 2014):

I've just completed setting up the cart and the welder. The hole in the included 0.6mm welding tip was not drilled all the way through. Some of the setup instructions for the welder referenced the wrong item in the figures.

The cart setup was excellent. The hardware included plenty of spare parts. The directions were clear and correct. There was an extra bracket included without an explanation of what it was for. I guessed that it was to bolt to the top shelf to keep the welder from sliding all the way to the back of the shelf and interfering with the gas bottle.

Now I need to get a gas bottle (or some flux-core wire) and find a new .023" (0.6mm) tip that is drilled all the way through.

I'll try to update the review once I've tested the welder.