Eastwood Beginner's Powder Coater Handbook

Eastwood Beginner's Powder Coater Handbook

Product Review (submitted on May 25, 2010):

This is probably the most helpful book I've seen on demystifying the process of powdercoat. All the little tips like using a sifter and other things that are not specialty items got me going where before, I thought powdercoat was something only pros could do.

I tried doing powdercoat before getting the book, and it was ok, but with the book I've got a pretty much bullet proof process for what I do now. I do several hundred parts a month. And with the tips I've cut my powdercoat use by almost 70%. It's all about the details.

Like I use brake clean to prep my parts, and set them out in the sun before to get the parts good and warm. Made my own small booth with a small dust collector which cut down on my cleanup. Also make sure to have good electrical contact with the part. And the final piece to the puzzle was the new nozzle I bought for the gun through Eastwood. Also have a special cartridge air drier in line with the filter on the gun.

To me, how can you ding for the $30 that saved me literally hundreds(not to mention the headache of shopping it out) by enabling me to do powdercoat myself? priceless IMHO.